DMV: The Hangover RG3 (Cont.)

LOL: The Skins wanted to hold the RG3 news til today. [Real Redskins]

One explanation for the Redskins-RG3 trade. [@jamiemottram]

This isn’t the best RG3 call I heard, but it’s a good one. [Hogs Haven]

I haven’t even read this RG3 column yet, but I will. [Sally Jenkins]

This is the hat RG3 will be wearing on draft day. [Hogs Haven]

And this is a customized RG3 Nats jersey. [Nats Enquirer]

Sounds like the Skins are ready to go in on Vincent Jackson. [PFT]

Sounds like the Jets may be going in on LaRon Landry. [PFT]

Skins are trying to work a long-term deal with Fred Davis. [The Insider]

Caps beat Leafs for third straight win before hitting the road. [Japers’ Rink]

Ovechkin had a “decleater” hit in the game that was. [RMNB]

Must-read: Rick and Tarik’s five-pager on what’s wrong with Ovie. [WaPo]

Seraphin and Marcus Camby mixed it up. [SB Nation D.C.]

Five DMV-area teams are in the Big Dance this year. [Capital Games]

A fun bracketology-style analysis of the Nats roster. [Nats Insider]

(Image taken with love from Burgundy Blog.)

4 thoughts on “DMV: The Hangover RG3 (Cont.)”

  1. That image is amusing because apparently there are two of me on sidelines covering RGIII. He’s that exciting.

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