Redskins Lose $36M In Cap Space Because The NFL Is An Asshole

The Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall deals just keep coming back to bite the Redskins. Adam Schefter reports:

The NFL is taking away millions of dollars of salary-cap space belonging to the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins for front-loading contracts during the uncapped 2010 season, according to league sources.

The salary cap is projected to be $120.6 million in 2012, but the Cowboys will lose $10 million, while the Redskins will be docked $36 million in cap space, sources said.

Dallas and Washington can split the cap loss over the 2012 and ’13 seasons in whatever form they prefer, with $1.6 million each going to 28 other NFL teams, the sources said.

Well then. Nice of Roger Goodell to hand out penalties TWO YEARS AFTER THE FACT, especially when the offending deals were considered legal at the time (see: “uncapped season”).

This means the Redskins are at a decided disadvantage in free agency and roster management the next couple of years, which is great, because they are absolutely loaded with draft picks. Actually, shit.

Update: PFT’s source says “teams were told ‘at least six times’ during ownership-level meetings that there would be ‘serious consequences’ for any team that used the uncapped year as an occasion to dump salaries.”

17 thoughts on “Redskins Lose $36M In Cap Space Because The NFL Is An Asshole”

  1. This seems really stupid but I’m wondering why, if it wasn’t really against the rules, more teams didn’t do the same thing? Is this just another case of Snyder and Co. thinking they’re above the rules?

  2. It says something about Goodell’s image with the fans when Skins and Cowboys fans are on a united front against him.

    Good thing Danny’s lawyers have historically been way better than his football scouts.

  3. This is collusion amongst the other owners to restrict player salaries outside the terms of the CBA. This is a violation of federal labor law. Giving the money back to the other teams for player salaries does not solve the violation.

  4. Who cares. I am in favor of anything sticking it to the Daniel Snyder & Jerry Jones. Those two jackasses probably deserve it.

  5. They were told by the NFL not to do this…and then the contracts were approved. Ok then.

    Further, the criteria for determining what constituted an “illegal salary dump” either doesn’t exist or was arbitrarily applied: why, for instance, do the Bears go unpunished even though Julius Peppers’ contract is massively frontloaded into 2010? $20 million base (subsequent seasons 11.5, 9, and 13), plus $19 million in bonuses during 2010 (that’s 39 mill of the 42 mill guaranteed during 2010).

  6. Reports coming down that the NFLPA negotiated this penalty as part of the new CBA. So no one will sue anyone over this. It’s going to stand.

    Bullshit of the highest degree.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!! The ‘Skins losing big-time cap space was part of the new CBA….yet Bruce Allen recently said “we have cap space this year and next year to execute our plan” !!!!!!!!!!

    Either a) he is a ‘tard, b) his “plan” involves signing zero free agents and cutting more players, c) there’s a troubling lack of communication between ownership/whoever signed off on the CBA and Allen.

    Each of these explanations is very Redskins.

    This is a team that we entrust with our emotions, that is charged with building around RG3.


  8. At least we had the weekend to feel good about RG3.

    I think the comment on PTF: “Best lawyers money can buy” will ring true in this one.

  9. Bruce had to know this was coming. His plan involves this. It sucks, but there’s really not a lot the Skins can do. On the bright side they will have a metric shit ton of cap room after these 2 years.

  10. Now we know why they wanted to wait until Monday to announce the trade. If Snyder will take an old lady to court for failing to pay for season tickets, he is salivating over going after the NFL.

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