DMV: Caps Have Not Scored In Two Hockey Hours

Alex Ovechkin takes blame for latest Caps loss. [WaPo]

Ovi benched in the loss, Caps shut out second game in a row. [RMNB]

Dale Hunter sends message to the Caps and Ovi with benching. [CSNW]

Terps comeback falls short in overtime loss to UVA. [Testudo Times]

Mason loses to VCU after Rams get out to blistering start. [Wash. Times]

Hokies get blasted by NC State at home, finish under .500. [WaPo]

GW to face Dayton in A-10 tourney. [SB Nation DC]

Big East coaches foolishly leave Otto Porter off rookie team. [Casual Hoya]

UVA and Gtown are in tourney, for the rest, some NIT bracketology. [NITB]

DC Councilman berates plans to bring Skins practice facility to RFK. [Bog]

Finally, good news: Strasburg pitches for Nats, felt “easy.” [WaPo]

Drew Storen will now be known as TinkerBell. [Nats Enquirer]

Randy Wittman continues to talk about cigarettes. [Bullets Forever]

John Wall, Young Jeezy, JaVale McGee and more hit the club. [Bog]

DC native premieres Ginger Baker documentary at SXSW. [WaPo]

We all hate the bus, but maybe we should try and like it. [Salon]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Have Not Scored In Two Hockey Hours”

  1. Here come the my bus rant.

    The bus is only useful in conjunction with a good train system. It’s main function should be to transport people from train stations to more remote areas and places where the train can not reach. Think of the train as giant arteries that spread out from a city center where people work and the bus as capillaries linking people to their individual homes.

    Here is Seattle, there are no trains besides the new lightrail which only really links between the airport and downtown. This means the majority of public transportation here is done by bus, and it’s horrible.

    Buses stink; bus drivers are half mad; bus riders are half mad; it’s impossible to get away from the crazy people on a bus; bus drivers turn up the heat way to high in the winter; some bus drivers are horrible drivers and so on; bus stops suck; bus stops are dangerous.

    None of this can be fixed by fancy new buses and stupid bus lanes. Buses are a crappy way to get from the end of your nice train ride closer to your home, that’s all they ever should be, no one should expect more.

    I’ll always remember the ONE time in middle school I took the DC bus. My sister was visiting from San Francisco and she decided instead of going underground and taking the metro from Cleveland Park to Eastern Market, we would take the buses. 4 buses and 2 hours later, we never spoke of the bus again.

    It would be great if all buses ran like google or microsoft transportation, but those are private services funded by billion dollar corporations, not by cities constantly in debt.

    /end rant.

  2. I’d say circulator and the app that tells you when the bus is coming has made it a better option. Still barely take the bus but it’s been fine.

    But it’s really only a better option if the metro can’t get you there. i.e. Christophe’s sister is more to blame than the DC bus system.

  3. I’ve started taking the bus with Metro about 5 times a month — typically between Ballston and Tysons. Not bad, but I’m “reverse commuting” and in the afternoon, the bus has the use of the shoulder on the Dulles connector to I-66. If it were on regular streets the whole time, I’d be disinclined to use it.

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