Gilbert Arenas And DeShawn Stevenson Hazed Nick Young

From Capital Games’ wonderful 10 things with Nick Young:

6. My first NBA purchase was a pair of Louis Vuitton glasses. They cost like, $600 or $700. I never imagined myself spending that much on a pair of glasses. When I got ‘em, the sad thing about it was Gil and DeShawn was hazing me and they broke ‘em. That’s why I remember those especially. I was so hurt by that. I was almost teary eyed.

(Image taken with love from Truth About It.)

2 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas And DeShawn Stevenson Hazed Nick Young”

  1. It’s funny how when the Wizards were winning Gilbert was ‘eccentric’ and ‘Gilbertology!’ and ‘Hibachi’!

    Now it’s he’s an a-hole. Which he is.

    But it’s more fun when the team’s winning.

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