Two Very JaVale McGee Videos!

It’s a point of pride that we allow few JaVale McGee videos to slip past our blognet. Unfortunately for the Wizards, but fortunately for the Internet, there are lots of them, including two more today:

1. As seen above and detailed by the D.C. Sports Bog, JaVale was featured by ESPN’s Sports Science thing. This was the perfect marriage of auteur and subject — both are equal parts fascinating and goofy. They also think they’re the future of their fields, I bet. Give it a watch; it’s sufficiently JaVale.

2. Also, as seen in last night’s game and on blooper reels of the future, JaVale was inadvertently racked by Channing Frye. What makes this clip particular JaVale is not that he took one to the groin (not very JaVale), but the histrionics shown afterward (very JaVale). Can’t say I’ve seen a grown man act like that, at least not in public.

Thus concludes this edition of very JaVale videos. More soon, probably.

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