DMV: Nats Spring Training Edition

Davey Johnson: These Nats have more potential than the mid-’80s Mets. [Nats Journal]

Zimmerman on moving to 1B to make room for Anthony Rendon. [Nats Journal]

Rendon will be getting time at 3B, SS and 2B this spring. [Nats Journal, Nats Insider]

Stephen Strasburg will pitch as usual until he gets to around 160 innings. [Nats Journal, Nats Insider]

Bryce Harper arrives with hopes of making the team. [Nats Journal, Nats Insider]

Jayson Werth showed up with a full, impressive beard, of course. [Bog]

The Caps lost 5-0 to Carolina, the worst team in the East. [Japers’ Rink]

Tomas Vokoun got pulled five minutes into the game. [Capitals Watch]

Bonus: Alex Ovechkin was noticeably limping after the loss. [Caps Insider]

The Caps are lacking in the identity and leadership departments. [OFB]

John Wall and the Wiz lost by 16 to Steve Nash and the 14-19 Suns. [WaPo]

Forget early retirement, Clinton Portis really wants to play again. [Bog]

Jim Larranaga is campaigning against Mason getting a bid. [SB Nation D.C.]

Tearing down the media for tearing down Randy Edsall. [Testudo Times]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Nats Spring Training Edition”

  1. Thank goodness your Jim Larranaga headline was at least a little bit out of context. Still, it seems hypocritical from a dude I love so much to say anything dismissive of the school and situation (mid-major earning at-large bid) that put him on the map.

  2. Most Mason and CAA fans know is a down year for the CAA in terms of SOS and RPI. For most of the year the message boards talked about having to win to get in this year. With GMU, Drexel and VCU playing well in Jan and Feb they are now hoping to sneak a second team in there. I doubt many folks are angry with Coach L; they probably wish he could have answered the question without putting down the conference.

  3. Im shocked anyone would write an article defending anything Edsall is doing at Maryland. His off the field choices and actions, not having a plan to advance Obrien’s abilities, losing the team by installing draconian rules, blaming players for losses are part of what make up his personality. So, yes, you can hate on him personally.

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