DMV: Celebrating The Presidents

Nats now in Florida, get to know the new guys. [Capital Comment]

Say goodbye to Mike Cameron, hardly even knew you. [Federal Baseball]

Boz says what to expect from the Nats, high ceiling included. [WaPo]

Needing a WR, could Marques Colston land with the Skins? [Real Redskins]

Caps fall to 10th place in East, behind surging Winnipeg. [CSNW]

UMD and Gtown act like teenagers, dont get to hang out anymore. [WaPo]

Gilbert Arenas talks about the end in DC and guns in the locker room. [SI]

Nick Young takes in the fun of a Pakistani wedding, is awesome. [Bog]

One thought on “DMV: Celebrating The Presidents”

  1. I read both parts of the Gilbert interview, and it’s fascinating. He’s crazy as ever, but definitely more mature. I’ll be interested to see if he comes back, and if he can accept a smaller role.

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