DMV: The Caps Stink On Ice

The Caps got blown out by the Sharks at Verizon Center. [Japers’ Rink]

Braden Holtby let in a shot from beyond the red line (above). [Puck Daddy]

Each Caps goalie has allowed a goal from beyond center ice. [RMNB]

Speaking of sharks, here’s a shark-eating shark. [National Geographic]

QB Danny O’Brien and the Terps LT are leaving Maryland. [Testudo Times]

Maryland blocked O’Brien from following Franklin to Vandy. [Tracking Terps]

Looking at Maryland’s depth chart now that O’Brien is gone. [Testudo Times]

CAA reached a five-year deal with NBC Sports. [4th President and Long]

Peyton won’t come to the NFC East because of Eli, or something. [Bog]

Behold the majesty of Sammy Baugh’s bronzed cleats. [Redskins Blog]

John Beck continues to display an unshakeable faith in John Beck. [Bog]

Bryce Harper tweets his car, Chad Dukes calls him a douche. [Nats Enquirer]

Speaking of DBs, here’s Jim Bowden saying, Hey, look at me. [BLS]

JaVale McGee gets his asthma checked, starts playing better. [Wiz Insider]

The Wiz should deal Blatche and Young if at all possible. [Wizards Talk]

Words and pics from Sharon Van Etten’s sold-out Black Cat show. [DCist]

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