A Brief, Spirited, And Passive-Aggressive Beef With Chad Dukes

This was probably ill-advised, but it happened, so whatever. Here, via the magic of Storify, is last night’s Dan Steinberg-fueled shenanigans starring yours truly, 106.7 the Fan’s Chad Dukes and assorted ringside spectators.

Update: We couldn’t get the Storify embed working right on our site, so visit Mr. Irrelevant on Tumblr to go down the douche hole. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “A Brief, Spirited, And Passive-Aggressive Beef With Chad Dukes”

  1. Chad Dukes is the most uninformed, biased and sports-illiterate member of the media in DC. He has a inferiority complex when it comes to the Redskins where he gets very sad that the Redskins aren’t relevant outside of DC, therefore other football teams should not be relevant in DC. Listen to him cry everytime someone says they’re a Cowboys fan.

  2. Can someone please explain how these guys get FIVE HOURS on the radio every day? I know people around here like LaVar because he was a good player for the Redskins but the guy can’t form a sentence without it being rambling and incoherent. Combine that with Chad’s negativity and penchant for kissing LaVar’s ass and the endless hours of brutal listener calls, you have the worst radio show of all time…other than Cowherd.

  3. Want some fun? Check out how Chad handles his nay-sayers on Twitter. He can’t take even a shred of criticism. He tries so desperately to be relevant and just comes off as an angry, self important ass. His knack for impersonating Opie, Anthony, Jim Norton, and Don Geronimo is the single most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. He, of all people, shouldn’t be calling anyone names. Keyboard tough guy, that’s Chad Dukes.

  4. That guy is the walking, mouth breathing embodiment of Bleacher Reports and all that is wrong with 21st century sports media. Thanks Mottrams for providing a brief respite from the START COLT!!!11!!1!1!1!! Ilk that listen to his garbage and are totally stoked for the UFC fight this weekend, brah.

  5. The thing that I’ll never understand about the insanity that is their 5 hour show is that people call in to share their opinions and he is openly rude to everyone!

    It’s like dude, without these people listening you’re just a fat douche in a Affliction shirt recording podcasts in your mom’s basement. Lavar isn’t exactly a genius, but at least he’s nice to listeners and a genuine guy. Dukes is just Cowherd’s fat, retarded son.

  6. /threadjack

    from ESPN Insider ($) article on NFC East offseason needs (http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7574707/biggest-offseason-needs-every-nfc-east-team):

    “Should the Redskins do whatever it takes to acquire Manning? If they think Peyton can get them back to the playoffs alone, they are sadly mistaken. While quarterback may be the biggest hole on the roster, it is not the only hole on the roster. Far from it. The top three receivers (Santana Moss, Jabar Gaffney and Donte Stallworth) are all in their 30s and aging ungracefully. The offensive line is in shambles, with nine different players starting at one time or another in 2011. They’ve done a good job accumulating youth on defense, but it’s not as if that youth has jelled into a dominating unit.

    And the 2012 schedule is going to be a tough one, chock-full of playoff teams from the AFC North (Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals) and NFC South (New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons, not to mention the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton), plus two games against the Super Bowl Champions from New York. The Redskins need to develop a young passer and build around him, and acquiring a fading star now will only hinder that process.

    Of course, that’s never stopped Washington from doing this kind of thing before.”

    I echo this sentiment strongly. That is all.

    /end threadjack

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