Nationals Fans > Phillies Fans

The headline is a bit overblown, I’ll admit, but the blowback from the Nats’ “Take Back the Park” campaign is annoying. So, a few points for those who attempt to ridicule the Nats for having worse fans than the Phillies:

1. The Phillies have had 120-plus years to build their shitty little fanbase.

2. The Phillies have been a winning team for the past nine seasons. As a general rule, winning teams have more support than losing teams.

3. Bad Phillies teams actually drew less fans than bad Nats teams.

To that last point, the Nats have existed in Washington for seven seasons and have yet to field a winning team. They’ve averaged 26,000 fans/game. The last time the Phillies went seven years without a winner was 1994-2000, and they averaged 24,000.

Meaning, I wish we had a reason to invade Philly in the ’90s, if we were that obnoxious and it was actually a city worth visiting.

14 thoughts on “Nationals Fans > Phillies Fans”

  1. All great points. Look no further than the Sixers. There is barely ANYONE that shows up for those games (at least last year when they were bad). As soon as they started getting good, all my Philly friends started texting me talking shit. That of course stopped when the wheels fell back off and they all responded “we only care about the Phils anyway” #bandwagon

  2. @matt – Their ballpark is actually a lot of fun. The bars around there for every game are like Spring Break (half naked girls included).

    But yea, no one wants to drive up there just to get heckled in a 9-1 loss.

  3. Philly fans are the best!! In all sports!

    Look at the Sixers. They are 18-7 and are averaging 15,672 per home game. Last year they were 41-41 (#7 seed) and averaged 14,751 at home.

    The Wiz are 5-20 and are averaging 15,845 per home game. Last year they were 23-59 and averaged 16,791 at home.

    How the hell did the Wiz draw 2,000 more fans a game last year? They were awful!

  4. I am in Philly half a dozen times a year and it is a miserable city with miserable fans who are only happy when they are miserable. I have no desire to “invade Philly’ and zero interest in seeing any sporting event there.

  5. Kasten in 2009 appeared on ESPN Radio 950 Philadelphia with hosts Jody Mac and Harry Mayes, and discussed attracting fans to Phillies-Nationals series at Nationals Park. Kasten said: “We’d love for all our Philly fans to come down because I know it’s going to be so hard to get tickets in Philadelphia this year. It’ll be much easier if you drive down the road and come see us in Washington.”

  6. I lived in Philly for years and am a lifelong Phillies fan. I moved to Maryland years ago, and have actually gotten to see more Phillies games at Nationals Park than at CBP the past few years. I personally have never seen heckling at either stadium. I actually like Nats fans and have had some great conversations and debates at games at Nationals Park. I think you will have a decent team this year, and it should be pretty interesting.

    I felt the whole take back the park thing was a fiasco to start with. The Nats provoked the Phils fans, and everyone is just eating this up.

    Point being, some of these comments on this board are just as ugly as the behavior they are deriding.

  7. We must all recall the time at a Phillies game in the ’70s, when the PA announcer informed the crowd that Larry Bowa’s surgery that day had been successful. The fans booed. They are classless in their own place, and classless here. It is their defining trademark.

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