DMV: The JaVale McGee Version Of A Hustle Play Is Hilarious

This may be the most JaVale McGee play of all time. Visit SBN to see it in GIF form, or click the video above (via BDL) to play it in full. The ad is worth it see the failed alley-oop at the end. [SB Nation D.C., Ball Don’t Lie]

The Wiz won, by the way, in OT over Toronto at home. [Bullets Forever]

DeAndre Jordan may have stared down JaVale’s mom. [Grantland]

This guy actually ordered an Andray “Baltche” Wiz jersey. Respect. [Bog]

Caps play Florida tonight for first place in the Southeast. [WaPo]

Bruce Allen says the Skins want London Fletcher back. [Redskins Blog]

Just a picture of Devin Thomas with the Lombardi Trophy. [Homer McFanboy]

Nats sign Mark Teahen to a minor league deal, so you know. [Nats Journal]

Maryland assistant starts a Tebowing-type thing that’s actually cool. [Patch]

Ryan Pearson has a “Fear the Beard” sweatshirt. [George Mason Basketball]

Some JMU bros made the best ad of Super Bowl XLVI. [JMU Sports Blog]

The Junkies’ producer is leaving to run his family’s business. [Bog]

3 thoughts on “DMV: The JaVale McGee Version Of A Hustle Play Is Hilarious”

  1. So if we look at the picture above and the just the title of the second posting regarding OT we can deduce that the Wiz-turds blew a 16 point lead against another turd of a team. Wizards basketball…its crap-tastic.

  2. Which is more insulting to us as Redskins fans; Desmond Howard’s ring AND MVP, or Devin Thomas’ ring? My gut reaction is the latter.

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