DMV: Super Bowl Morning After

#Mayor4Life Marion Barry summed up my feelings from Super Bowl. [Bog]

Skins focus on Kyle Orton at QB, not Matt Flynn. [CSN Washington]

More rumors about Skins QB plans, including Peyton and RG3. [NFP]

Football is over, time to catch up on DMV college hoops. [Wash. Times]

Caps lose to Bruins, and may lose Brooks Laich to knee injury. [RMNB]

Nats re-sign Rick Ankiel, thousands of fans do not rejoice. [Wash. Exam.]

Ed. note: Considering a certain team from New Jersey surpassed the local NFL squad in Lombardi trophies, today kinda sucks.

2 thoughts on “DMV: Super Bowl Morning After”

  1. Mayor Barry hate Danny so much he buys bootleg hats so as to not provide royalties. #respect

    That Ed. note was a kick in the pants.

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