Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

JP had the idea to rejuvenate Predictions for the Super Bowl, so here it is, along some additional prognosticators. Share your prediction in the comments, and he/she who comes closest to predicting the score gets to make a guest post. What a prize.

Matt Terl: Patriots, 31-29

I think the most important thing is to somehow rebrand Super Bowl Sunday as The End Of Redskins Preseason — now all the stuff that’s meaningless in D.C. is out of the way and we can start moving and shaking again. The real season starts Monday! Wooooooo! Man, I’m so depressed.

JP Finlay: Patriots, 31-23

The last time these two asshole teams met in the Super Bowl, the Pats were overwhelming favorites. New England came into the game as villains, and I really hated Belichick and Brady for that 52-7 they hung up on Coach Gibbs.

This year it’s different. The Pats are hardly villains. They have no pass defense, none, and the Giants are better at every position but quarterback, where Big Blue is still damn good.

But for whatever reason, New England wins this game. This time, the Giants come into the Super Bowl with the hype, and most of the public believes the G-Men to be the better team.

I’m going with Brady, Belichick and a little thing called revenge that plays very well in the NFL.

Andy Peden: Giants, 27-23

This game is a lose-lose proposition for Skins fans. This is NY vs. Boston, and I hate both teams mainly because they are both the anti-Skins.

I hate the Pats because they might be the biggest bandwagon team in football (next to the Cowboys). They cut old players instead of signing them to stupid extensions. They have a system in place and build through the draft (although their drafts have been crappy lately). Tom Brady is a goober, according to my wife.

The Giants are in the NFC East. They will have more SBs than the Skins if they win. They build through the draft, which has yielded them one of the best OL and DL combos for the past five years.Their fans are annoying because they care more about the Yankees and beating Boston than winning SBs. Oh, and their QB is a goober too, according to my wife.

Anyway, I think the Giants win. And I’m taking the longest punt plus 13.5 against Nick Watney’s final round score on Sunday.

Jack Kogod: Giants, 24-21

That means the Redskins will have the third-most Super Bowl wins in the NFC East. At least the Eagles don’t have any.

Brad Parker: Giants, 27-23

I dislike the Giants and hate Tom Coughlin’s face. I hate the hoodie & have had enough of Mr. Uggs. This is the least interested I’ve even been in a Super Bowl. The only thing I like about it is that Mark Herzlich is playing. So, Giants. #TakeThatSh*tCancer

Rob Abbott: Giants, 24-17

Presumably, I’m the only Giants fan participating in this so I’m going with my heart. I have no rationale other than the fact that if I even think about the Giants losing I throw up all over myself.

Me: Giants, 27-24

I just don’t want Rob to throw up on himself.

Composite prediction: Giants, 26-24

13 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVI Predictions”

  1. Giants 31-27

    The only way I could hate this super bowl more is if the Cowgirls or Eagles were in it.

    My soon to be brother-in-law is a Giants fan and Tom Brady really doesn’t need anything else in life, so I guess I’m going Giants.

    Can you imagine hearing even more about how great Brady is if he wins this thing? Talk about puking on yourself.

  2. I fucking hate both of these teams with a huge passion. Funny enough, I hate the Patriots way, way, way more. The giants are the least hated team in our division for me. But with this super bowl, the Giants could surpass our trophy total. That I can’t have. I can’t have retard-face Eli having 2. I can’t have a team that we swept this year, that if we could have fucking put a goddamn ball in the endzone on 1st and goal fucking Coughlin would have been fired and they never would have reached the fucking super bowl in the first place have more than us. No. I hate the Patriots more than the giants, but I hope against all hope that the patriots smash their faces in.

    I hope this makes sense. I’ve been drinking a lot. I plan on doing the same instead of watching this super bowl.

  3. Yeah, yeah… sucks this is the SB matchup but there you go. I plan to enjoy the game for the game’s sake and in the knowledge that it’s a good match-up. (Seriously though, fuck Boston and fuck the Giants). All that said, I’ve been thinking about it and the Giants should win. Since the Redskins kicked their ass in December, Eli has been lights out. Better than I’ve ever seen him. I reckon they’ll even be able to run the ball vs the Pats. Says here Giants 24 Pats 10. And Madonna will be better than expected.

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