DMV: The Wilson Ramos Story

Thomas Lake is on a roll, and here’s his latest, a long, well-reported and -written look at the Wilson Ramos kidnapping saga in Venezuela. [SI]

You know, Jayson Werth can bounce back, you guys. [Baseball Nation]

Livan Hernandez signs with Houston. Miss you, Livo. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper has poor taste in teams. The poorest taste. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats release bobblehead sched. Want: Morse bobblehead. [Bog]

Strasburg on rehab, pitching in 2012 and Bryce Harper. [SDUT]

Dave McKenna speaks! On Dan Snyder, leaving the City Paper, etc. [Gelf]

#FireDannySmith Senior Bowl edition. [Trail of Burgundy Tears]

The Caps lose in OT at Tampa Bay, pick up a point. [Japers’ Rink]

Great nickname for new Caps enforcer: The Recker. [Russian Machine]

John Wall takes a lot of charges. The rest of Wiz take few. [NBC4]

JMU’s band plays JMU’s new official anthem. [JMU Sports Blog]

New ramen noodle spot to open on 18th St. in AdMo. [PoP]

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