DMV: Randy Wittman Brings Fun To Interim Coaching

Randy Wittman makes awesome faces, says awesome things. [Bog]

JaVale McGee joins Gheorge Muresan in exclusive club. [Wiz Insider]

Profile of Skins scouting director, holdover from Vinny days. [WT]

Vincent Jackson to stay w/ Chargers, slim chance for Skins. [CSNW]

After the All-Star break, Caps face tough second half schedule. [WaPo]

NHL Suspension Czar says Ovi skipping All-Star Game no surprise. [PD]

Hoyas bad loss at Pitt, could be aberration or sign of trouble. [WT]

Notes from Terps win over V Tech. [Testudo Times]

Mason takes down JMU in game closer than final score indicates. [JMU SB]

Ed. note: Thanks to for the screen shot.

3 thoughts on “DMV: Randy Wittman Brings Fun To Interim Coaching”

  1. I’m not sure “multiple 20-10-5 games in the same calendar month” counts as an exclusive club, but the sentence “JaVale McGee joins Gheorge Muresan in exclusive club” is a funny one, so I don’t mind.

  2. JMU had zero game in the paint but kept in the game with three point bombs. GMU Senior forwards Ryan Pearson and Mike Morrison continue look impressive. I am not sure who Hewitt has coming in, but he will have two big voids to fill when they graduate.

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