9 thoughts on “Prince Fielder Finally Signs, Not With The Nats”

  1. We dodged one of those fat, Super Mario Bros. 3 bullets on that one.

    More than $20mil/yr for a decade-1?

    At least now with Cabrera and Fielder, the Tigers won’t lose any mayonnaise eating contests.

  2. I’m curious to hear the thoughts of all the folks that bashed the roundtable from last week. Nine years is stupid long at almost $24MM per year!

    Hope LaRoche is healthy and trade his ass at the deadline. Move Morse there and bring up the kid.

    Now we just need CF. I guess we can wait to see what happens there over the next year.

  3. Excellent decision by Rizzo. No way Fielder is worth that kind of money. The Nats just need to keep doing and save every little penny to re-sign Strasburg, Harper, & Zimmerman. Yes, it is not too early to start thinking about Strasburg’s contract.

  4. i wouldn’t say the roundtable was bashed. the sentiment i gathered was he would be a valuable addition at the right price and the price detroit paid is so so wrong

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