DMV: Caps Fall To Pens In OT

Caps lose to Pens 4-3 in a game with a lot of fisticuffs. [Japers Rink]

Ovechkin buys new mansion in McLean, is the 1 percent. [Alex Ovetjkin]

Ovi could be suspended for big hit, should still cover new mortgage. [CSNW]

Ovi admits that Evgeni Malkin “dominates” hockey right now. [WaPo]

Some dude named Scott Swain claims Nats signed Prince. [Twitter]

Devin Thomas highlights former Skins heading to Super Bowl. [Hogs Haven]

FWIW Anthony Armstrong reminds us that Skins swept Giants. [SBNDC]

Wiz suck, lose to Boston without Rajon Rondo or Ray Allen. [Wash. Times]

Hokies beat Wahoos in non-CAA battle for Virginia. [WaPo]

8 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Fall To Pens In OT”

  1. Does AA’s comments about Skins sweeping the Gmen say more about our potential going forward or how bad of a season they had overall?

  2. Eli making another Super Bowl all but guarantees Peyton won’t retire, which in turn all but guarantees he’ll be a Redskin next year.

  3. What do those in your circle think of those Fielder tweets? Interesting that he’s claiming Prince will be in DC tonight. The guy has enough tweets to believe that he isn’t doing this as some sort of hoax.

  4. @ D. Fox
    I think it’s hogwash, but enough of a clamor I thought it deserved the link. Prince may in fact come to DC, but I don’t think Swain has a real source.

  5. Hogwash? Save the strong language for another site.

    I’d love to know the real reasons for this deal, Nats or no Nats, taking so long. I hope it’s not Prince trying to get the same money elsewhere. I like guys who want to play here. Or at least pretend.

  6. I think the reason it’s taking so long is because nobody’s giving Fielder the money that he thinks/Boras says he is worth. Nats are holding strong on a lesser deal which he’ll end up taking because it’s the most anyone is offering.

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