Scout: Matt Flynn’s ‘A Slam Dunk’

I’m a fan of the Examiner’s John Keim and his weekly Redskins Report newsletter. (Subscribe!) Last week’s email was especially awesome as he spoke with two scouts about Green Bay backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who’s all the rage with Redskins prognosticators these days.

Here are some choice excerpts to make you all starry-eyed:

One scout attended a Green Bay two-a-day session each of the past two years. The first year, he said Aaron Rodgers took every rep in the first practice and Flynn took every rep in the second.

“There was virtually no difference in the accuracy or productivity of the offense,” the scout said. “I was blown away by the guy because I had such low expectations. I was amazed at how good he looked, how in command and he’s a mobile guy. He was not as impressive [last summer], but he was still good. I think he’s a Rich Gannon type. He has a good arm, not a great arm. Arm strength is one of the most overrated aspects of a quarterback.

[ … ]

Now from Russ Lande, a former NFL scout who heads the draft coverage for the Sporting News and runs GM Jr.

“I would go get Flynn,” Lande said. “I thought he was a better player than Kevin Kolb. The only thing I don’t see is the big arm, which is a big thing with Shanahan because of the vertical deep passing game. He has an average NFL arm, which is more than enough to win with. But Mike [Shanahan] is a smart guy. He can win this this guy and win real well. To me it’s a slam dunk so you don’t have to use your first-round pick.

“[Flynn] is poised, super accurate and gets rid of the ball quickly. He makes good decisions. And if you sign him to a deal, with the sixth pick you have more options.”

So, if you’re scoring at home, signing Peyton would be bad, drafting a QB is complicated and Flynn sounds pretty, pretty good.

10 thoughts on “Scout: Matt Flynn’s ‘A Slam Dunk’”

  1. This is basically the best available option, I agree. I’ve been thinking about it nonstop the past couple weeks. If Richardson falls to six, we could probably trade down. I’d love a repeat of last year’s draft performance.

    If Flynn were a few years older, I might not be so enthusiastic. 26 is just the right age, though. I’m also worried he’ll be overpriced with his killer week 17. But he seems like he could be the guy, and we’d get a chance to build around him some more

  2. think skins fans need to come to the realization that sweeping the giants (+2 wins) prevents us from getting any of the luck/RG3/blackmon trifecta of talent. we could trade down but we’d give up a ransom.

    In on Flynn.

  3. I would take Flynn if it doesn’t cost a high draft pick. We need a stud WR and more OL. I’m ignoring any needs on D in the first couple rounds.

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