Switching Teams: Who Should We Root For Post-Redskins?

This is nothing more than a fun little exercise, the blog version of a sports talk radio segment. I’m not really thinking about leaving the Redskins, because I just can’t. But what if I did? Which team would I turn to?

For me the answer is pure and easy; I’d be a Panthers fan, despite their uniforms and eight wins since 2009. Here’s what they have going for them, for me:

1. They’re in Charlotte. I live in Wilmington, NC now and love it here. This is my adopted home state, and, while you’d hardly know it, the Panthers are the home team. Their logo is on Harris Teeter shopping bags and stuff.

2. They have Cam Newton. I read somewhere that he just had the best rookie season in the history of the NFL. Carolina scored 13 more points per game and won four more games. The Shanaclan would kill (literally, I think) for that kind of upgrade.

3. Their stadium experience is awesome. Chris lives in Charlotte now and loves it there. We went to Panthers-Redskins three years ago and it was wonderful, except for the outcome. There was no traffic. We tailgated in the shadow of the beast without a parking pass. Our tickets were $75 and we sat lower bowl, 50-yard line. Bars and restaurants are blocks away. And so on. It’s bizarro FedEx, and it’s six hours from D.C.

4. They aren’t in the NFC East. This is my only rule, really, for choosing a post-Redskins team. It can’t be the Cowboys, Eagles or Giants. Everyone else is fair game, though I’d prefer it not be the Steelers or Patriots either.

When I threw this out there on Twitter, here’s how the responses went: five for the Ravens, three for the Panthers, two for the Packers and one each for the Broncos, Browns(!), 49ers, Lions, Steelers and Texans.

All sound choices (except for you, hypothetical new Steelers fan), but this is for life, so choose wisely. Who would you ditch the Skins for?

15 thoughts on “Switching Teams: Who Should We Root For Post-Redskins?”

  1. I’d vote Texans, and here’s why:
    1) They are an AFC team, so they represent a non-divisional damsel. 2) Their uniforms are awesome. Red, white and blue and a state flag incorporated into the logo/uniform that trumps all other other attempts (e.g. Ravens, Titans). 3) Finally, the more Houston wins, the more it hurts Cowboy fandom in the Lone Star State. Reducing Jerry Jones to owner of neither “America’s Team”, nor “Texas’ Team” would be grin-inducing. Go Skins…and Texans.

  2. Ravens. I’ve been living in Baltimore for six years now. The team is well built, they draft well. The Baltimoron fans are very endearing. A hard luck town like Bmore really needs a football team to lean on. I don’t like the purple unis, but the black ones are pretty badass. I’ve basically been rooting for the Redskins for weeks 1-8 and then watching the Ravens games after that for the last five years anyway. :(

  3. If you are going to be in NC for the duration, switching to NC teams is reasonable and maybe even a good idea.

    Certainly dump the Orioles too.

  4. Well the Browns would make for the easiest transition as a displaced Skins fan. But my vote would be for the Saints. No one hates a Saints fan.

  5. Lions, basically for the reasons Chris nailed in that previous “who should we root for in the playoffs” post. I can identify with these fans, and they’re finally well-managed, and Jim Schwartz has to be one of the most underrated coaches in the NFL.

  6. I’d have to say AFC would probably be the Texans. They’re a young team so watching them win a superbowl would be a brand new experience. They have passionate fans who are glad to have a team in Houston.


    They hate the Cowboys almost as much as we do.


    Probably the Packers because of the tradition. I’ve always wanted to see a game at Lambeau. The Packers are winning now (yes, I know a bandwagon statement but it’s nice to see my team win for a change). And their fanbase annoys me the least of most other fan bases (except for that Discount double-check guy in the state farm ads. Creepy and a twat).

    Of course this is all moot. I’m a Redskins fan until I die and cursed for being a DC sports fan.

  7. you know I had teased a “going free agent as a fan” thing on Armchair Linebacker, but like you said, I can’t honestly give up the Skins, even if stupid Peyton Manning comes to be. still though, Panthers was the logical choice, as I’m from southside Virginia, and NC makes way more sense to me than MD. also as soon as Dan Snyder dies or doesn’t own the team, I’d probably be back. so I prefer to think of it as some medieval feudalism of football fanship I suffer under. hopefully like jack kent cooke has a son we don’t know about who lives in Peru and has been doing ayahuasca with shaman for the past 20 yrs and he comes back and tricks Dan Snyder into giving him the team, or uses black magic, or something. and we will all rejoice.

  8. If the Skins were swallowed up by the Earth and disappeared….

    I’d probably stop watching the NFL. Sure, I’d watch some games, but I wouldn’t be putting a bunch of shit on hold for 3 hours every Sunday.

    Living in NYC and stepping back a bit, I really see what makes the Skins unique. DC is a fractured city — Black & White. Democrat & Republican. Haves & Have Nots. Even the fragmented geography of Maryland/Virginia splitting traditional DC proper.

    Sure other other cities have those issues. But in DC, the delineations seem so stark. And that’s why the Skins are special.

    I honestly can’t think of another thing in DC that can unite a K Street lobbyist and an Anacostia stick up kid. The Caps, Wiz and Nats combined don’t even register on the same level as the Skins. So while this is an interesting question, and an entertaining one… I reject it outright. To me the skins are a cultural touchstone to a city and people I love and grew up with.

    What can I say? You don’t get to choose family.

  9. Denver Broncos, I guess?

    Reasonably likeable/storied franchise
    From a city I could live in, not some trash town
    Another place where NFL is #1 sports priority
    Lost big in Superbowl XXII, but to a great team
    Orange jerseys are cool
    Got a nice underdog thing going right now
    I’m already pro-Tebow but could commit to it more if I was a Broncos fan

    But Snyder or no Snyder, it’s Skins ’til death

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