The Wizards Are Playoff Hunting

There were many fun things about the Wiz getting their first win last night, my favorite of which is probably how handled it. My second favorite thing, though, ahead of Trevor Booker and Chris Singleton replacing Andray Blatche and Rashard Lewis in the lineup, or Jan Vesely getting two dunks and five steals, is this quote from Flip Saunders:

“One of my assistants said to me kiddingly, ‘It’s January 12. We’re six and a half games behind Chicago. It’s probably the closest we’ve been in the conference in the last five years.'”

That’s funny and so very sad on at least two levels: 1. It’s probably true, and 2. They’ve only played nine games. Also, they’re actually seven back. And it’s not even January 12 yet.

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