Wiz beat Toronto convincingly with new starting lineup. [SB Nation DC]

“It felt good to get a win instead of getting booed,” Nick Young said. [WaPo]

Wiz get big spark from rookie Jan Vesely. [Bullets Forever]

Caps play Pens tonight. Has the rivalry lost some mojo? [Wash. Examiner]

Terps host Wake Forest tonight in home ACC opener. [Testudo Times]

UMD takes PR lessons from Redskins, spends $7M on mansion. [WaPo]

Another day, another mock draft. Skins take ND WR. [Sporting News]

WANT: Three-Alarm Cruncher Half Smoke. [Huffington Post]

8 thoughts on “DMW: WIZ WIN!! WIZ WIN!!”

  1. Nice pic.

    DC-3 is now officially on my to-do list.

    And I refuse to get baited into the daily mock draft skins pick. but I’m voting NOPE to Floyd.

  2. offseason championship strategy:

    If Luck and RG3 are gone when the skins are on the clock, draft Floyd or Blackmon, get a decent #2 receiver in Free agency, acquire some help on the line and


    This is a terrible plan for the future, and I hope they don’t do it.

    But god damn Danny would like this plan.

  3. And sassy waitresses. Well, at least that’s how it used to be with Molly barking at you.

    I also go gravy fries at Town Hall. Sadly my little league photos used to adorn the wall. They were all burned in one of the many fires over the years.

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