DMV: Caps Win 4th Straight

Caps win fourth straight, rip Flames 3-1. [Japers Rink]

Flames take cheapshot at Nick Backstrom, with video. [Puck Daddy]

Mike Green returns to the ice for 15 mins of play. [CSN Washington]

Terps beat Cornell after blowing huge first-half lead. [Balt. Sun]

Virginia Tech loses Sugar Bowl to Michigan in OT. [WaPo]

John Beck still believes in himself as QB. I don’t. [The Insider]

Another day, another mock draft. Skins get Iowa OT. [Fox Sports]

In better news, RG3 likes the Redskins. [Bog]

Sam Huff talks about Gigilo Pee. Prepare to laugh. Out loud. [Bog]

The Nats, Prince Fielder and Scott Boras. A love story. [Ken Rosenthal]

Hoyas face Marquette tonight in Big East matchup. [Casual Hoya]

Starbucks prices going up in DC area, make coffee at home. [WaPo]

8 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Win 4th Straight”

  1. I love/hate that the draft isn’t for another 4 months. I do like that it doesn’t seem shanny will draft a QB just for the sake of drafting a QB. We could be stuck with Gabbert right now.

    Terps-Cornell rivalry is really taking off.

  2. If RG3 isn’t there, should the ‘Skins trade down a pick or two and select a WR or OL? Santana isn’t going to be around forever. I certainly hope Danny doesn’t interfere and screw the team by trading away picks to move up.

  3. Can we draft an owner at #6?

    How many positions is there an absolute lock in place and we’d never waste a high pick on? LT? OLB? P?

    Pick whoever, wherever just make sure they’re good and still on the team after their rookie contract.

  4. What me said and im not totally sure about LT. this is a time when “best player available” pretty much applies. im gunshy about trusting that the ashburn braintrust will be able to make an appropriate AB choice, though

  5. Looking at this draft pick value chart it would take our 1st round pick this year, our 1st round pick next year and our 2nd round pick this year to get to #2 and draft RG3. I’m not prepared to make that kind of commitment and that’s not even taking into account a potential bidding war with the Browns and Dolphins.

    I’m on the Matt Flynn bandwagon for now. Spend all of our high draft picks on offense. Forget the defense for now. Just look at how good the Patriots are and how horrible their defense is. Same with the Packers and some would argue the Saints. Surround the new QB with as much young talent as possible. No more aging veterans with no desire drive to play their best because they already had their payday.

    As far as Justin Blackmon falling to 6th…I don’t see that happening especially now when he had a great game in the Fiesta Bowl, he’s undoubtedly the #1 WR miles ahead of a guy like Michael Floyd, can be compared to AJ Green and look how good Dalton/Green are doing in Cincy. That’s a headscratcher. It’s a no brainer we pick Blackmon if he’s there same with RG3 but IMO those guys are top 5 players.

    If those guys (RG3 & Blackmon) aren’t there which is likely I wouldn’t mind getting Dre Kirkpatrick. He’s a legitimate physical corner…might be even a bigger, more physical version of Champ Bailey IMO. That’s the only defensive guy I would take with that pick. Either him or another OT such as Jonathan Martin or Reilly Reiff, whatever fits Shanahan’s system better.

    I also wouldn’t mind trading down either if Shanahan doesn’t see a guy he values as a #6 pick by the time he gets it. The more young talent the better. The only thing is the pressure is now on him to produce. I really hope Shanahan stays though and we can really see this rebuilding process blossom instead of getting nipped in the bud.

  6. And wanted to say that the only position I’d draft that high is a corner because everyone’s passing the ball like crazy now and besides that it’s tougher to mold a cornerback from a system.

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