Skins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Well, at least that’s over. Here are labels for the 34-10 beating at Philly.


Brian Orakpo — Picked up two sacks and a forced fumble, which is pretty much his greatest game ever vs. an NFC East foe.

Evan Royster — Picked up over five yards/carry and recorded 167 total yards (giving him 314 in two starts). The highlight was a 28-yard run in which he evaded four or five tacklers before falling over.

Roy Helu — Had a 47-yard TD despite a bad wheel that prompted Ron Pitts to say, “He is definitely gimping.” Gimping!

Draft position — With the loss, the Skins appear headed for sixth.


Danny Smith — Special teams were a hot mess in so many ways: holding on a fair catch, shanking a punt, committing multiple block-in-the-back penalties on one return, giving up a big punt return and, of course, allowing yet another blocked field goal, their fifth of the season. Fire Danny Smith.

Kyle Shanahan — I don’t know who to blame for the sequence at the end of the first half that resulted in time expiring without an attempted FG, but Kyle it is. Incredible incompetence. Also, 10 points.

Rex Grossman — That was a flat-out ugly game for the Sex Cannon.

London Fletcher — Only made four tackles, which is weird. Also missed a tackle on Brent Celek’s 30-yard catch-and-run.

Donte Stallworth — Called for unsportsmanlike conduct after “going to the ground” to celebrate a TD that was not his own. The celebration, which was a shoe-shining thing, I think, was lame to boot.

DeAngelo Hall and Perry Riley — Teamed up to totally not make the tackle on Chad Hall’s TD.

Rocky McIntosh — Inactive today. Probably done as a Redskin. Great second-round pick, there.

Brandon Banks — Returned two punts for -1 yard.

Mike Shanahan — Not only did the Redskins lose badly to a division rival to finish the season 5-11, but they did so while making tons of mistakes. In addition to everything listed under Danny Smith and Kyle Shanahan, Shanny also challenged a call that was clearly correct. He lost that too.


O.J. Atogwe — Caught a gimme INT. Also gave up a long TD to DeSean Jackson and later flexed after tackling a RB for a 20-yard gain.

Santana Moss — Dropped a long gainer. Was later flagged for taking his helmet off after not getting the call; he was right, but still.

17 thoughts on “Skins-Eagles Winners & Losers”

  1. I don’t want to even think about this team for at least 3 months. BTW I wish bad things upon the sandbagging Colts.

  2. Glad they lost.

    Danny Smith’s horrible though.

    Getting RG3 means trading up ahead of the Browns now. I’m trying to warm up to Ryan Tannehill but I can’t. Drafting Landry Jones or anyone that doesn’t have legs is like drafting Patrick Ramsey/Jason Campbell all over again. I don’t think Shanahan will do that.

  3. And I know this will come up eventually but Matt Flynn just had a monster game against the Lions. He’s an unrestricted free agent. I’m a little weary at throwing Kevin Kolb money at him but then again we would get to keep our draft picks and if Kyle & Mike think he’s decent…eh who am I kidding. We’re ****ed either way. There’s really no way I can be optimistic QB-wise at anything.

  4. God when will this end? We still have so many holes — QB, at least one OL, at least one LB, at least two DBs. I see no reason for hope.

  5. Loving this photoshop of RG3 in a Skins uniform. It’s either too good to be true or we give away a ton of picks to nab him if we’re competing with the Browns who have 2 first rounders, 2 second rounders and 2 fourth rounders this year because of the Julio Jones trade last year.

    But it’s still, this is just too pretty and the thought of having a franchise QB in Washington blows my mind. Success? Redskins? What?


  6. Take RG3 if he falls to 6. Otherwise fill one of the other (many) holes in the 1st round and take russell wilson later on? I like RG3, hopefully he runs a slower 40 time in 3 months and people forget about the entire season he put together and he slips.

  7. The Moss penalty was really inexcusable. Has a football player ever succeeded in getting a ref to change his mind on a flag/not flag?

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