Skins-Vikings Winners & Losers

This is not my best effort in handing out labels after Skins games. But I am writing it on Christmas! So. Yesterday, a 33-26 loss to Minnesota.


Jabar Gaffney — That was just an incredible touchdown. He also set a new season high for yards (919).

Evan Royster — Got his first start and racked up 147 total yards. Shared credit goes to the patchwork O-line for paving the way.

Graham GanoMade all four field goals, including a 53-yarder. Also, the other kicker, Ryan Longwell, pulled a Graham Gano Hat Trick (missed extra point, missed field goal, kickoff out of bounds).

London FletcherMade 17 tackles, my favorite of which was when he stopped Adrian Peterson on the goal line.

Donte Stallworth — One TD and another big third-down conversion.

The crowd — If you were there, you are a good fan and/or you enjoy the art of tailgating.


Jim Haslett — Had no answer for Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart. Richie Petitbon did not look happy about it.

Santana Moss — Four catches for 46 yards, and he was targeted at least 10 times.

Darrel Young — Kinda sorta held Jared Allen, negating Brandon Banks’ 59-yard TD run. He was also flagged for hanging out in the neutral zone on a Minnesota punt, thus rejuvenating an otherwise-stalled drive that resulted in a Minnesota TD.

Danny Smith — That neutral-zone infraction was awful and I blame Danny Smith for it, of course.

Kyle Shanahan — The offense simply can’t run the hurry-up. Also, 26 points against Minnesota is not good, considering they give up 29 per.

Ryan Torain — Saw his first action in like a month, gaining eight yards.

DeJon Gomes — Burnt by Visanthe Shiancoe, who dropped it. Knocked AP out in gruesome fashion. May be to blame for Gerhart’s 67-yard run.

O.J. Atogwe — Peterson made him look so lost in the open field (on a run that was called back for holding) that I just had to include him here.

Reed Doughty — Rarely do I agree with a referee for calling unnecessary roughness for hitting a sliding quarterback. Congratulations, Reed Doughty.


Rex Grossman — Per the usual, he turned it over twice and slung it around a little bit.

Josh Wilson — Made a nice tackle on AP on a 3rd-and-9. Forced a fumble at the end Gerhart’s long run. Burnt by Percy Harvin on a jump ball.

Mike Shanahan — The challenge on AP’s early non-fumble was not smart. The decision not to onside kick at the end was.

8 thoughts on “Skins-Vikings Winners & Losers”

  1. I think you left out “offensive subs” on losers. Why would anybody put in Torain when you’re that close to the goalline? He hadn’t shown anything up to that point, Matter of Fact…I’d rather go NO RB in that position over him getting any run. He had zero power.

  2. Medium nominee: Richie Petitbon

    Great coach and all the kudos for a great career and induction into the Ring of Fame. But, his halftime speech ended with a Lou Gherig-esque “today, I’m the luckiest man alive.” It was awkward.

  3. I’m happy for Royster getting a big game. He doesn’t have much speed, but he has great field vision, hits the holes well and doesn’t go down easily. I wasn’t able to watch the game (listened while Chistmas shopping) so I didn’t hear if the announcers mentioned he played lacrosse. We heard about it all the time when he was at Penn State, I’m sure it was incorporated into some drinking games.

  4. I think it’s time to move to only naming losers in a game we loose. Moral victories have become our only victories.

  5. @Donk: Didn’t Petitbon also have a restaurant in the Seven Corners/Willston Center area? I vaguely remember seeing it as a youngster in the 90’s and wondering how a coach who went 4-12 had his own restaurant. I think the location is now a chicken joint.

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