DMV: The Cost Of Benching Rex Grossman For Three Games

Would the Skins be a playoff team if they didn’t bench Rex? Probably not, and I’m glad they took a look at Beck, but it may have cost them a game or so. [SB Nation D.C.]

Shanahan thinks Lorenzo Alexander should be a Pro Bowler. [The Insider]

This year’s Skins are the most no-name Skins. [City Desk]

Caps beat Nashville 4-1 at home as the Young Guns went off. [Japers’ Rink]

The Caps honored Knuble’s 1,000th game. [RMNB]

A fine written appreciation of Knuble and his perspective. [On Frozen Blog]

Local rec league team sports some awesome Bullets jerseys. [Bog]

Blatche, Nick Young and McGee are Wizards in perpetuity. [Bog]

Should the Nats try to win now by signing Oswalt? [Nats Insider]

The O’s turned down Jurrjens and Prado for Adam Jones. [Krem’s Sports]

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