New Nats CF Is So Old He Played Baseball With Michael Jordan

The Nationals have signed 38-year-old Mike Cameron to a minor-league deal, reports Ken Rosenthal. His role is to be determined, though this may mean the Nats are thinking about bringing Bryce Harper up midseason, says Adam Kilgore.

For those unfamiliar with Cameron, well, you probably haven’t followed baseball for like the past 15 years. He’s a three-time Gold Glover and one-time All-Star. He also hasn’t been much good since 2009 and was last seen fighting a flight attendant aboard the Marlins’ charter.

So, yeah, all in all, this sounds kinda Rick Ankiel 2.0-y. And, for those enjoying the #mikecameronissoold hashtag on Twitter, Mike Cameron is so old he played minor-league ball with Michael Jordan. True story:

2 thoughts on “New Nats CF Is So Old He Played Baseball With Michael Jordan”

  1. Mike cameron is a boss. 2 time gold glover two times in a row!
    and both the mets. harper and ankiel have no gold gloves but i’d say put cameron in right, harper in center, and ankiel in left.

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