DMV: The Return of Nick Young!

If you’re not excited about Nick Young singing a one-year, $3.7 million deal with the Wiz, consider this: They could’ve given him the long-term deal at $9 million per that he was asking for. [Wiz Insider]

A fun look at what the Nick Young signing means. [Truth About It]

John Wall had a nice dunk the other night. [Fuck Yeah John Wall]

Andray Blatche saying “I’m willing to die for this” is hilarious. [TAI]

John Keim’s 10 observations from Redskins-Giants. [The Examiner]

Antrell Rolle is eating some serious crow this season. [Bog]

Joe Jacoby graduated from Louisville, 30 years later. [Bog, City Desk]

The Caps have scored three goals in three games. [TWT, Caps Insider]

Ovechkin does seem to be playing better and looser, though. [RMNB]

Nats didn’t bid for Darvish, and that’s alright. [Nats Journal, Nats Baseball]

More whispers about Edsall and the Jaguars job. [Testudo Times]

A drinking location has been chosen for Mr. Irrelevant Night. [Facebook]

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