DMV: LaRon May Be Long Gone

LaRon Landry’s season is over as the Skins put him on IR. [The Insider]

Looking at Landry’s future. He’s a free agent, you know. [The Insider]

Richie Petitbon is going into the Redskins Ring of Fame. [The Insider]

John Riggins to host a show about the outdoors. [Bog]

Sam Huff’s column on Davis and Williams’ suspensions is great. [Bog]

A good look at Redskins’ long-snapper Nick Sundberg. [Homer McFanboy]

It’s okay to do things in D.C. during Redskins games now. [City Desk]

Matt Kalil is going pro, which means Matt Barkley probably is too. [ESPN]

The Caps won thanks to a Neuvy shutout and an Ovie goal. [Japers’ Rink]

JaVale McGee has a nickname for a local reporter: Diaper Breath. [Bog]

The Wizards team store suggests fans like the Bullets better. [Bog]

What would Jordan Zimmermann be worth on the open market? [Fangraphs]

No one showed up for the Maryland-FIU game the other night. [Bog]

Here’s the Post’s big wrap-up on the Terps’ terrible season. [WaPo]

Getting to know new Marlyand OC Mike Locksley. [Testudo Times]

Towson football talks a little trash to Maryland via billboard. [BSR]

5 thoughts on “DMV: LaRon May Be Long Gone”

  1. I wouldn’t be upset if the ‘Skins let Landry walk. He’s overrated – when he’s even healthy, and he’s highly unlikeable. In fact, I think I hate him. Peace dude, and may you spend the twilight of your NFL days getting burned deep and dancing like a fool when you tackle someone after 25 yard gains.

  2. He’s also a constant reminder of what might have been with Meast, a world-class talent with unfulfilled potential, an isolated misfit. Basically, a microcosm of the 2000s Redskins.

  3. Gym, Tan, Landry is David Boston 2.0

    Sound familiar:
    1. Top 10 pick
    2. Flashed promise early
    3. Completely obsessed with lifting weights and gaining muscle mass
    4. Steroids (Yup I’ll go ahead and speculate)
    5. Got too big for his body to support
    6. Body breaks down leading to constant injuries
    7. Career ends in disappointment

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