Brunell and Moss Should Sell ‘Monday Night Miracle’ Swag

We recently shared the sad news that Mark Brunell is in financial trouble. Turns out Santana Moss is too as he reportedly owes the IRS over $258,000, according to the IRS, which seems like a pretty good source.

Not sure why I’m sharing this, because Moss makes about $5 million per year, other than to give us an excuse to post arguably the greatest Redskins highlight of the 21st century. Get that paper, gentlemen.

5 thoughts on “Brunell and Moss Should Sell ‘Monday Night Miracle’ Swag”

  1. I have watched this video way more times over the years than I would care to admit. I will remember watching this game my whole life.

    Best three parts:

    1. When Moss catches first TD, dumb cowboy mascot does the “look at my watch” thing, as if to say “big deal, not enough time left”.

    2. Cowboys fan with both hands on her head in disbelief.

    3. The “wait for it” Sean Taylor hit after the TDs.

    Also, there used to be a video on YouTube of a Cowboys drubbing from the same era set to “We are the Champions” (that makes it that much better/ridiculous ). I can’t find it anymore, but it was awesome.

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