DMV: These Awesome Jaromir Jagr Posters Didn’t Help Much

RMNB did a really nice job on these Jaromir Jagr signs for the mullet-headed one’s return to D.C. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

It didn’t matter though as the Caps lost 5-1 to Philly. [Japers’ Rink]

Tomas Voukoun had a “terrible performance,” says Vokoun. [Caps Insider]

Joe Theismann gave Hall, Davis and Williams a nice ripping. [Bog]

Awesome, quick highlight videos from Wizards practice. [Truth About It]

The best NBA blog in the world previews the 2011-12 Wizards. [BDL]

Explainer for what’s happening with Nick Young’s free agency. [Wiz Insider]

A Nats prospect proposed to his Titans cheerleader girlfriend. [Bog]

O’s sign Japanese lefty Tsuyoshi Wada for 2 years, $8m. [Camden Chat]

More on Wada, who’s known as “the Dr. K of Tokyo.” [Krem’s Sports]

It’s about time Baltimore got rid of Luke Scott. [Dempsey’s Army]

VT ranked 25th-best college football job in America. [Outkick the Coverage]

Maryland has yet another transfer, their seventh. [Testudo Times]

D.J. Adams’ blond hair was apparently an issue for Randy Edsall. [Bog]

JMU football outdrew 46 I-A schools. JMU! [JMU Sports Blog]

Dan Snyder is Romney supporter. Ted Leonsis is an Obama supporter. [Bog]

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