Mike Green Is Getting All Kinds Of Weird On Twitter

This one is from Capitals Correspondent Brad Parker, who’s pretty good at this.

It has to be difficult to watch your team play and fail badly enough that the coach gets fired while you’re rehabbing yet another injury.

Mike Green’s life has been altered and there was nothing he could do about it. He played for Bruce Boudreau in Hershey and won a championship. Now BB is 2,700 miles away.

He had a fantastic start to the season. He got hurt yet again.

The Caps are 8-0-0 when he plays. They’re 7-12-1 when he’s watching from the gym in his apartment building (or on some other television).

While the season seemed to be collapsing around him, he’s powerless. All he can do is live the Green Life.

The last time Mike Green played was a 3-1 win over New Jersey on 11/11/11. His Twitter account, @greenlife52, had been silent for a month. On that day, though, he sent four retweets and then two more the next day. Then he disappeared again.

The Caps went 2-8 over their next 10, and Boudreau got canned. There was nothing Greenie could do on the ice, but he could win at Twitter.

Last Wednesday the Caps looked like a new team and beat Ottawa 5-3. That night on Twitter, Mike Green became a new man:

That’s the how he unleashed his Twitter fury. When Ovechkin scored in the third to give the Caps a 3-2 lead, Green fired again:

Mike Green was live tweeting the game and the Red-Rocking Twitterverse was along for the ride.

He told us that he screamed “atta boys” so loud the neighbors probably heard him, he invented the #blockshotsyourface hashtag, and after the win he implored his mates to “keep this tootsie roll on.”

@hmabb asked the obvious question, “Is Green drinking? Break the pickle? Tickle tickle?” Of course Green responded:

Two days later Greenie jinxed the Caps like no one has since a certain captain touched a certain trophy more than 13 years ago by actually tweeting this:

Dennis Wideman’s short-lived hat trick was Green’s fodder on Friday:

While talk of cheese chucking and bull nuggets is always entertaining, what he did on Sunday might be the most fascinating of all. He broke news by tweeting about his travels:

Which begs the question, why is an injured player on a team that’s in town for a Tuesday game going through airport security? When he wasn’t at Kettler on Monday the reporters started asking Dale Hunter why. That’s how the hockey world learned that Mike Green had flown to see a specialist.

Ted Leonsis is obviously okay with the social media. I’m sure the organization was laughing along when Green’s feed was all pickle breaking and face shot blocking. But when you’re releasing information that might not have been in the best interest of the franchise, things change.

Enjoy the Green Life while you can, it might get pretty boring soon.

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