Draft Standings: Skins Rise To 4 (Update: Actually, They’re At 5)

Via NEPatriotsDraft.com, here is this week’s 2012 NFL Draft order:

1. Indianapolis Colts (0-13)
2. Minnesota Vikings (2-11)
3. St. Louis Rams (2-11)
4. Washington Redskins (4-9)
5/6. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)
5/6. Carolina Panthers (4-9)
7. Miami Dolphins (4-9)
8. Cleveland Browns (4-9)

9. Tampa Bay Bucs (4-9)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (5-8)
11. Buffalo Bills (5-8)
12. Kansas City Chiefs (5-8)
13. Arizona Cardinals (6-7)
14. Seattle Seahawks (6-7)

15. San Diego Chargers (6-7)

Thanks to the Jaguars’ win over Tampa Bay the Skins moved up one spot to No. 4 overall. And thanks to the strength-of-schedule tiebreaker the Skins sit atop the six-team pack of four-win teams.

That’s a pretty big deal as Robert Griffin III, Matt Barkley and Landry Jones may all be available at 4. None may be available at 9.

And while I’m not sure of the upcoming schedule for the other five four-win teams, the Skins’ final three opponents have a combined record of 14-25. So that’s not good. But we’re probably getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Update: The Skins are actually slotted at No. 5, thanks to a next-level tiebreaker with Carolina.

* As always, bold indicates teams likely to be looking for a QB.

17 thoughts on “Draft Standings: Skins Rise To 4 (Update: Actually, They’re At 5)”

  1. I am still hoping for a 7-9 season and definitely wins over Philly and NYG. I cant sit there on Sunday and watch them play and hope they lose.

  2. Have to say I was a big proponent of moving up (this year and next year’s first-rounders?) to #1 for Luck a few weeks ago.

    With a franchise still missing several pieces I’m not too proud of that idea now. Combine that with my rapidly developing man-crush on RG3 (arm, legs, and a brain?!), and I think we’ll be OK as long as we end up in the top 5. I’m still pissed about taking Trent Weediams (had to!) over Okung – I think I’d trade my Skins jersey for a VA Destroyers one next year if we somehow took Barkley or Jones over RG3.

  3. No 1st round qb. Take Justin Blackmon and then Russell Wilson in the 2nd or 3rd. No one mentions him, but he has a strong arm, accurate, mobile and can also help the Nationals during the summer because he can play baseball.

  4. If the Skins and Panthers have the same record, how is it that the Skins aren’t ahead of them since the Panthers beat the Skins earlier this season??

  5. The tiebreakers, according to mockingthedraft.com:

    For those who don’t know, draft order is based on win/loss percentage first. That is followed by strength of schedule. If both of those are equal, division tiebreakers are accounted for teams in the same division. If they’re not in the same division but the same conference, the record in the conference is used. After those criteria it goes to a coin flip.

    The Skins and Panthers actually have the same win/loss percentage and strength of schedule, strangely enough. Washington is 4-5 in the conference, though, while Carolina is 2-8.

  6. The Skins need to trade down, get Justin Blackmon, and then aquire Peyton Manning by trading Moss and Orackpo (because he is not a 3-4 guy and sucks at stopping the run).

    Also, before any of this can happen, they need to show Kyle the door. If Mrs. Shanahan bitches, send her on her way as well. Wedding ring or SB ring. You decide, Mike.

  7. While we are currently tied with Carolina for SOS, if you factor in the final two games, we are ahead of Carolina. Of course this could change but if the percentages hold, and neither the Skins nor Carolina win a game, we win the tie breaker and select 4th.

    Sadly I think we will beat Minnesota. Which will kick us back to the 10 area. Even when we win, we lose…sigh.

  8. My prediction: We’ll end up in the 6-10 range, Kalil and Barkley will stay at USC, the Dolphins will trade up to 2 or 3 to take RG3, and the Skins will draft Landry

    (I thought I posted this earlier, either it didn’t go through or I accidentally put it on another post…)

  9. All I can say is…..

    RG3! RG3! RG3!

    The only thing that concerns me is that he looks pretty skinny to withstand the punishment that NFL QBs have to take. Even if he stays in the pocket the whole time, he’ll need to muscle up a little bit. Still I like the idea of having RG3 on our team.

  10. If the Skins draft Landry that would be just so bad. Shades of Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell all over again. They’ve shown signs of promise but we all know this is where young QBs come and die.

    At least RG3 seems like he can make plays with his feet if and when the OLine fails him.

  11. And if RG3 is out…I’m 50/50 on Barkley so trade down if Khalil or Blackmon aren’t there…of course they likely won’t be so trade down again.

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