Watch DeAngelo Hall Pull Another Haynesworth Vs. New England

After calling DeAngelo Hall out last week for pulling a Haynesworth against the Jets, I feel obligated to post what he did yesterday against the Patriots:

As you can plainly see, Hall just stood there as Reed Doughty and DeJon Gomes struggled to bring Rob Gronkowski to the ground. Of course they failed, and Gronkowski made every highlight reel by rumbling another 30 yards before a suddenly-invigorated Hall chased him down.

At this rate, pulling a Haynesworth will become known as pulling a DeAngelo, though I’d rather reserve that phrase for the act of drawing a penalty flag for throwing the penalty flag which you also drew, which Hall also did yesterday. What a game.

6 thoughts on “Watch DeAngelo Hall Pull Another Haynesworth Vs. New England”

  1. He antics just sticks out in a sore thumb in a game like yesterday.

    Here are the Skins, an outmatched team, playing with out a number of starters to boot, against one of the toughest teams in the league. To quote Gibbs, they are all “fighting their guts out”, then you have DeAngelo standing around watching other people (try to) make tackles and throwing penalty flags.

    I’d be happy to see him gone next year.

  2. Amen. What the hell does he bring to the team? He can’t cover, he can’t catch the ball anymore and he can’t tackle. He’s not a leader and he’s always talking trash. He’s a fraud.

  3. I agree with all of your comments. But, I believe last year he was responsible for us winning at least 3 games with his play.

    Now! Should he be gone next year? Hell Yes!!!!!!

  4. I too, agree with all of you. I’m not sure if D. Hall would even cover the check at a restaurant – he’d probably try to “trash talk” his way out of it! When your biggest play making ability, is a playground move of “jumping” a route, more often than not, you get left in the dust! D. Hall needs a new nickname, along with a new home. How about “Dusty”? It fits! GPM

  5. Oakland just released him. Geez I wonder why. He puts in a good year, renegotiates his contract, now back to being a hood rat.
    This guy talks more trash on the field and off. A dwarf stands taller than this mook. Cut him, he is trouble on this team. Buh bye you jankster.

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