D.C. News Anchor Says Redskins Needed Tom Brady Dead To Win

Here’s Fox 5 in D.C. weekend anchor Maureen Umeh and sports director Dave Feldman covering the Redskins-Patriots game (via @tedstarkey):

What’s funny is that, even though Umeh is the one who says the Redskins needed Tom Brady dead in order to win, it’s Feldman comes off even worse the exchange. Or maybe that’s just me being thankful the phrase “fell out dead” is now part of my lexicon.

Full transcript after the jump:

Umeh: Not many people gave the Redskins a chance today against Tom Brady and the Patriots, unless of course Tom Brady just fell out dead or something. Just kidding. The Burgundy and Gold at home were eight-point underdogs. Sports director Dave Feldman has the outcome of one of the most entertaining games of the year, at least you can say that much.

Feldman: Did you say “unless Tom Brady fell out dead”?

Umeh: Yeah, I mean that’s the only way I thought the Redskins could win. Not that I’d wish death on anyone. Let me clear that up, but, I mean, Tom Brady would’ve had to disappear for the Redskins to stand a chance.

Feldman: Maybe wouldn’t it be better if he was just injured and not dead?

Umeh: OKAY. I said, look, sometimes we have a slip of the tongue.

Feldman: I’m just having fun with you. Thank you. Maureen doesn’t want him dead, and the oddsmakers were right …

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