Redskins-Pats Winners & Losers


Brandon Banks — He looked like a little Tim Tebow out there.

Roy HeluWent for 100-plus for the third straight game, a franchise record for rookies. Also received national affection from Dan Dierdorf, which is a perverse pleasure usually reserved for the likes of Tom Brady.

Evan Royster — Six carries for 44 yards, pumping his career total to seven for 47.

Rex Grossman — Held the ball too long and fumbled in his own end zone for a New England TD. Had a ridiculous interception called back thanks to a phantom roughing the passer call. Also averaged eight yards/attempt, one of which was a beautiful 51-yard bomb to Donte Stallworth.

The offensive line — Gave up a couple of sacks, and Maurice Hurt’s holding penalty cost about 35 yards in field position, but their names are Locklear (and Smith), Hurt, Montgomery, Chester and Polumbus, and they paved the way for five yards/carry and 463 yards. Amazing, actually.

Josh Wilson — That game-saving INT in the back of the end zone was a totally awesome play.

Jabar Gaffney — Six catches for 92 yards and a TD. Quietly having the best year of his career.

Donte Stallworth — Had his most receiving yards in a game (96) since October … of 2007.

Perry Riley — Put a real nice lick on Kevin Faulk. Keeps racking up tackles.

David Anderson — Caught a TD. Seems worth mentioning.

Andre Carter — Bet that Grossman-blindside-into-a-TD felt good.

FedEx FieldThe Army-Navy end zones were a nice touch.


The referees — I don’t blame them for this loss, nor do I think the calls were all that one-sided, but there was a lot of odd laundry on the field, the oddest of which was the flag thrown for London Fletcher tackling Tom Brady. A foul for hitting a sliding QB may have made at least some sense there. Jeff Triplette’s explanation, however, was that Fletcher elbowed Brady in the head. Yeah, no.

DeAngelo Hall — Got flagged for defensive holding, and then got flagged again for picking up and throwing the flag. PSGO.

DeJon Gomes and Reed Doughty — I know Rob Gronkowski is a beast of the highest order, and I know Gomes and Doughty wouldn’t be on the field if not for injuries to LaRon Landry and O.J. Atgowe, but that 50-yard Gronk catch-and-run was just flat-out embarrassing.

Ryan Kerrigan — As was Gronk’s second TD.

Jim Haslett — Kerrigan probably shouldn’t be covering Gronkowski.

Graham Gano/Danny Smith — These f—ing guys keep kicking the f—ing ball out of bounds.


The Landover Leap — I don’t really have an opinion on it one way or the other, but all of the Redskins receivers were doing it, regardless of whether they were leaping into Redskins fans or not.

CBS — I prefer Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf to just about anyone Fox trots out there, even if Dierdorf said something about Tom Brady wanting to win so badly he’d chew his own leg off. They get the medium tag for neglecting to show even one replay of the crucial Moss offensive pass interference play, even if they did show extended footage of Brady’s screaming match with his offensive coordinator, which was so rich.

Santana Moss — Racked up eighty-one yards, a TD, the aforementioned PI and a game-ending drop-turned-INT.

Kyle Shanahan — On the one hand, his offense scored 27 points. On the other, that’s a season high.

Mike Shanahan — On the one hand, Washington came to play (and put on a show). On the other, yay, moral victories (and draft position).

14 thoughts on “Redskins-Pats Winners & Losers”

  1. Loved Grossman after the sack-fumble-TD going into “Fuck it. I’m throwing it downfield” mode. (5 years later and that KSK post is still relevant)

    What point in the season does MI start talking draft order? Currently 4th behind indy-stl-minn. Just sayin’.

  2. Me, they’ve already started.

    Fletcher: winner for life. Tackling cyborg as always. fuck that call though i agree the officiating wasn’t particularly anti-skins

    Fuck d hall too

  3. It’s not Gano’s fault that Danny Smith insists on doing directional kick-offs instead of booting the ball out of the endzone

  4. I’d put Santana in the loser’s column. He had several bad drops, and that last one is in excusable. Dierdorf mentioned after an earlier Moss drop (minutes after a clutch Welker grab): “that’s a drop that losing teams make, and the Welker catch is a play that playoff teams make.” Exactly.

    And Grankowski is a fucking animal. Gomes and Doughty aren’t the first and won’t be the last people he embarrasses.

  5. You forgot to mention DeAngelo Hall’s indifference when presented with a totally tackle-able Gronk that aforementioned Gomes and Doughty couldn’t take down. He just fucking stood there. And Mark Sanchez wasn’t even “blocking” him this time.

    That whole play had AIDS.

  6. Why does Danny Smith still have a job with the Redskins? Surely we could do better than this.

    If you want an example of why we loose- compare Rex to Brady. Tom was pissed over an interception- he will look at this game and realize he needs to play better. Rex will look at this game and think he played great- mistakes are normal. Rex learns nothing from experience. He plays to the limit of his natural ability, which is pretty good, but he’ll never be a complete QB because he does not pay attention to negative feedback.

  7. I don’t really care about draft position at this point. I think we’re able to get at least Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III with the way we’re playing.

    I’m hoping it’s RG3 we’re getting.

  8. Winners:

    Redskins fans: This was perfect. An entertaining, competitive game, no young prospects got injured, draft position preserved, and we werent embarrassed like the last time we played the Pats. Seriously, I felt like I hit the fucking trifecta today.

    London Fletcher: I’d let him play as long as he wants and then immediately hire him to the coaching staff. There’s no praise too grandiose for Fletch.


    The officials: just comically bad. It wasnt one sided, it was just horrendous. I feel like officiating all over the league has been woeful this year, but egads, Jeff Triplette is worse than Hitler.

    Danny Smith: Alright, just how many dead hookers did he find in Dan Snyders trunk??? What else does he have to do to get fired, burn a widow at the stake at midfield? I’m just baffled every year at his continuing employment.

  9. Losers – Cover 0

    Can Haslett stop? Wow, it worked one time against Tavaris Jackson. And failed terribly against Romo & Brady. All is does it set up defenders to fail. e.g. Hall & Kerrigan.

    Or f-ing disguise it better.

  10. I felt pretty good about this game. Knowing we found decent reserves for the O-line, haven’t giving up as a team, can score 27 points and preserved our draft position all make me field great! Well, not great, but better than I did after the Bufallo game.

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