Redskins-Patriots Predictions

I think you all know how this works by now. We make predictions, you make predictions, and the reader who comes closest to predicting the final score gets to make a guest post. Hip-hip!

Chris Mottram: Patriots, 30-17

There’s really no ANALYSIS to be done here. The Patriots are on a level that’s about four steps higher than where the Skins are. Washington’s defense has a chance to keep it from being the total embarrassment it was last time the two played, and New England’s secondary is bad enough that Rex might hit a play or two. But it still won’t be close.

JP Finlay: Patriots, 34-17

As much as I want to talk myself into the Skins D getting to Brady, it won’t. Andre Carter might assassinate Rexy in this game. I’m expecting at least two sacks and a forced fumble for Carter. Skins will not keep up, this could be a 52-7 redux.

Matt Terl: Patriots, 35-17

I figure Rex Grossman should be able to throw a couple of touchdowns against the Patriots pass defense, especially when he’s playing from behind for the entire game, but he’ll also throw the commensurate number of interceptions to keep the Scales Of Grossman balanced.

Andy Peden: Patriots, 38-13

I just hope we keep them under 50. They will get a lot of possessions when we go three-and-out all game. Sav with at least eight punts and Rex with at least three turnovers. Take the Pats minus the points.

Todd Davis: Patriots, 27-13

Not as close as the score indicates.

Jack Kogod: Patriots, 38-13

Me: Patriots, 30-17

Composite prediction: Patriots, 33-15

26 thoughts on “Redskins-Patriots Predictions”

  1. The only thing preventing the Pats from dropping the NFL’s first modern 100-point game is Belichek’s respect for Shanny.

    Pats 99
    Skins 14

  2. The Patriots kinda gave up last week in the fourth quarter against the Colts last week, to make that game way closer than it should have been. Have to imagine that Belichick went all passive-aggressive on their asses and that they won’t do it for a consecutive week.

    Patriots 34
    Skins 10

  3. 60-12 pats – Gano goes 4/5 on field goals, we get another Ryan Torain sighting, and Tom Brady knocks my fantasy team out of the playoffs.

  4. 45-3

    and we lose a stud player for the rest of the year and all next year to a torn acl because the field is aboslutely jacked up from the army/navy game today

  5. 37-16 Patriots. Expect the lone ‘Skins TD to come late in the 4th. I’m being nice here, this game could be much, much worse. Thank God, I chose to go see Army/Navy over this putrid game

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