Redskins Were The NFL’s Worst-Drafting Team Of The 2000s

This will come as no surprise, but it is so incredibly depressing:

Washington (F)
Pro Bowlers: 3 (29th)
Draftees Active in 2010: 26 (32nd)
Players with 50+ Career AV: 0 (t-31st)
Players with 20+ Career AV: 11 (32nd)
Best Pick: TE Chris Cooley (3rd round, 2004)
Worst Pick: WR Malcolm Kelly (2nd round, 2007)

Summary: Congratulations, Dan Snyder. You’re the only constant in a franchise that has been absolutely terrible in all of their different war rooms of the 2000s. The Redskins, far and away, have got less out of their drafts than any other team – in fact, they might have done better in the 1970s when they were trading away all of their top picks for veterans every year. It’s not that they’ve drafted acres of busts, like Detroit or Oakland, it’s that they’ve traded up a lot, failed to get big hits, lost out on volume, and left themselves needing to overpay for underachievers in free agency. The Redskins had only 21 picks in the first three rounds, fewest in the decade, and missed on more than half. They’re the poster boys for why trading up doesn’t work – and this year, they finally figured it out, adding extra picks and moving down a lot. Maybe the 2010s will be theirs.

Click through to Cold Hard Football Facts for their complete 2000s NFL draft grades for all 32 teams. The Redskins are dead f—ing last.

3 thoughts on “Redskins Were The NFL’s Worst-Drafting Team Of The 2000s”

  1. Exhibit “A” the next time I read or hear something stupid about how Shanahan needs to be fired immediately. The minimal talent here has less than zero depth behind it. A decade of utter mismanagement isn’t corrected in two off-seasons.

  2. Yeah, Shanny is a great solution. Denver ranks 25th on this list, based almost entirely on the Shanny era (too soon for them to weight the McD era much).

  3. Not to mention the Bucs were the other F rated team with Bruce Allen on the helm of that team from 04-08.

    I think this proves what we all know which is building through the draft with young talent that want to prove themselves is much better than aging talent who have no motivation since they already cashed in their signing bonus.

    I know Allen and Shanahan have some spotty draft records but clearly they are building this team from the ground up. This is a huge rehaul and it’s obvious by their actions. There’s only a couple players on the team worth their salt and the rest are just fodder and he’s just going through the weeds to find that diamond in the rough. He’s also completely revamped the defense which is going through great strides at the 3-4 putting pressure on the QB. Hopefully next year and the year after that, Dan allows the braintrust to completely build the team in their image and follow through with the plan.

    They already have Roy Helu in place who seems like a great Shanny RB. Trent Williams is their best OL. Fred Davis may as well supplant Chris Cooley as the #1 TE threat. However QB, WR, the rest of the O line are still big question marks.

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