DMV: Radio Fight Over Ridiculous Alex Ovechkin Steriod Column

Columnist links Ovechkin to steriods. Blogger rips him apart for it. The two meet on the air. Great radio ensues. [Puck Daddy]

Caps named winners in the NHL’s four-division realignment. [Puck Daddy]

More thoughts on how realignment impacts the Caps. [On Frozen Blog]

Weed? That’s nothing. Old Redskins had real character issues. [City Desk]

The “RFK All-Stadium Team,” whatever that is, is a fail. [Fatpickled]

London Fletcher leads the NFL in tackles with 124. [The Insider]

The Nats are one of five teams Mark Buehrle is considering. [Nats Journal]

Vlad is done in Baltimore, and it didn’t go well. [Dempsey’s Army]

Info on the Wiz’ just-released schedule. [Bullets Forever, Truth About It]

Three more Terps football players are leaving Maryland. [Testudo Times]

UVA beat Mason by 20 in a marquee A-11 matchup. [WaPo]

One thought on “DMV: Radio Fight Over Ridiculous Alex Ovechkin Steriod Column”

  1. That column was idiotic and irresponsible.

    But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t speculated the same. (The difference is obviously I wouldn’t write a newspaper article on it, even if I had the power).

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