8 thoughts on “Bryce Harper’s Tattoo Is LeBron-y”

  1. He’s starting to remind me of a young Josh Hamilton. Just before he started his massive coke habit and uber-tats. What was Johnson saying this week about his “maturity”? Must be in baseball years.

  2. Yeah, I know he’s young.

    But this kid is a gaping asshole. I’m kind of excited for the insane level of d-baggery we’ll be witness to in the coming years.

  3. The guy is an unbelievable talent just needs to grow up. I could care less what he says or does off the field. Tiger is a huge D-Bag yet one of the best of all time. Not every player will be a role model like Tim Tebow.

  4. You all missed where it says “Luke 1:37” under “Harper”. Depending on the bible it means “with God nothing is impossible”.

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