DMV: ‘Sleepy’ Davis, ‘Silverback’ Williams Felt The Need For Weed

Report: Fred Davis and Trent Williams will be suspended for the rest of 2011 after testing positive for marijuana for at least the third time. [The Insider]

Thoughts on the Davis-Williams debacle. [The Examiner, Tom Boswell]

Dale Hunter picked up his first win on Saturday night. [Japers’ Rink]

Looking for the ceiling on Jason Chimera’s breakout season. [Caps Insider]

There’s a proposed NHL realignment that would be alright. [On Frozen Blog]

In case you forgot who plays for the Wizards. [Capital Comment]

Jim Riggleman is now manager of AA Pensacola (Reds). [Nats Journal]

Jose Reyes’ $106 million contract may up Ian Desmond’s value. [Nats Blog]

Ben Goessling says goodbye NatsTown, hello Twin Cities. [Goessling Game]

Va. Tech is in the Sugar Bowl, because the BCS is shitty. [SB Nation]

Terrell Stoglin scored 33 as Maryland beat Notre Dame. [Testudo Times]

A to-do list for Randy Edsall and Maryland football. [Testudo Times]

JMU lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs to ND St. [JMU Sports Blog]

I was on the JWalk and Moose Show last week. [D.C. Sports Chat]

10 thoughts on “DMV: ‘Sleepy’ Davis, ‘Silverback’ Williams Felt The Need For Weed”

  1. I mean, this isn’t a morality contest or anything, but generally after failing my second drug test I make sure to have clean urine for the third.

  2. For those media ‘tards clamoring for “accountability” (i.e. whining that they can’t get a quote), I’d point to the FOUR GAME SUSPENSION they will experience. Accountability to their teammates is occurring in spades; accountability to the media and fans is pretty much worthless bullshit.

  3. The Redskins and Mike Shanahan just drafted Trent Williams. Do they do background investigations on players they draft? No matter who’s drafting under Snyder, the Redskins continue to draft dumb players or players that do dumb things. The 4th overall pick of the 2010 is a bust and one toke away from being kicked out of the league. The Redskins could have drafted Maurkice Pouncey, Bryan Bulaga, or Anthony Davis to help solidify an offensive live that has sucked since Snyder bought the team.

  4. *offensive line

    I’ll be mad when I see Willie Smith or Sean Locklear try and play left tackle…plus, now the Skins need to draft another left tackle, more fucking holes to fill.

  5. I think accountability within the organization really needs to be looked at. Is there another team who has had two starters suspended for failing a drug test three times? Its impossible to look at this situation, fair or unfair, and not see some shades of the Sean Taylor tragedy here.

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