DeAngelo Hall Pulled An Albert Haynesworth Against The Jets

Leading up to yesterday’s Jets-Redskins game DeAngelo Hall called Mark Sanchez a “middle-of-the-pack” quarterback. DeAngelo should know, given the signal callers he has shared a roster with in Washington. What Hall didn’t comment on, however, was Sanchez’ fearsome blocking ability, which was on display during Shonn Greene’s fourth-quarter TD run.

Click the image to watch video of the play, but here’s my old soul brother MJD’s description of it for Shutdown Corner:

The Jets line up here with Shonn Greene taking a direct snap and Mark Sanchez split out at wide receiver. Even if it’s not clear that Greene will be running the ball before the snap, it becomes evident soon after. “Defender” DeAngelo Hall, set to be “blocked” by Mark Sanchez, watches this all happen without even bothering to take a step towards Shonn Greene, who is even running in his direction. Either Hall couldn’t beat the extreme physicality of a Mark Sanchez block, thought maybe Shonn Greene still might throw the ball despite being in a full running stride and well past the line of scrimmage, or he just could not possibly care less.

After watching the tape, I’m going with option No. 3, otherwise known as pullin’ a Haynesworth. In Hall’s case, though, the game was still in hand. Stopping New York would’ve given the ball back to Washington down seven with plenty of time left.

Draw your own conclusions in the comments if you like, or just stand there, waiting for others to score.

13 thoughts on “DeAngelo Hall Pulled An Albert Haynesworth Against The Jets”

  1. Oh good, back to DeAngelo Hall bashing…ah how I missed thee.

    /seriously though what the hell make at least some effort

  2. It looked like he assumed Shonn Greene would be stopped in the pile, which would still be a mistake, but easier to forgive than flat-out not trying.

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