DMV: The Nats Are Reportedly Pursuing Big Prince Fielder

Rumor has it “the Nationals are showing serious interest in [Prince] Fielder and view Cuban outfielder Yoennis Cespedes as a potential Plan B.” Not sure how I feel about giving a long-term, big-money contract to a fat first baseman, even a fat first baseman who can rake. [Ken Rosenthal, Nats Blog]

GM George McPhee discusses the firing of Bruce Boudreau. [Puck Daddy]

Recalling Dale Hunter and the greatest goal in Caps history. [Bog]

Langway, Bondra and Laughlin on their old mate Hunter. [Caps Insider]

A bunch of awesome old Hunter videos. [Russian Machine Never Break]

Columnizing on Boudreau-to-Hunter. [OFB, Dan Daly, Tracee Hamilton]

Hunter’s bro Mark takes over as coach of the London Knights. [Caps Watch]

D.C. pro sports head coaches don’t last long these days. [Bog]

Pretty deep numbers on which Caps are playing well/poorly. [Japers’ Rink]

It’s Steinz’ turn to get crazy with the Redskins playoff picture. [Bog]

George Allen picked Dallas to beat the Redskins. Wait, what? [City Desk]

A Redskinette won the 2012 Miss USA DC pageant. [Redskins Blog]

Maryland players were actually mocking Randy Edsall on Twitter. [Bog]

Hey, Terps DT Joe Vellano made first-team all-ACC. [Testudo Times]

On the rise of Danny Rouhier, D.C. sports talk radio personality. [Bog]

One thought on “DMV: The Nats Are Reportedly Pursuing Big Prince Fielder”

  1. I’d pass on Fielder. He’s due to be the next Mo Vaughn during his tenure with the Mets. Go for Cuddyer, Beltran, or Buehrle for short term deals.

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