Draft Standings: Skins Slide to 7

1. Colts (0-11)
2-3. Rams, Vikings (2-9)
4-6. Dolphins, Jaguars, Panthers (3-8)
7-14. Browns, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles, Redskins, Seahawks (4-7)

Would’ve been doubly nice if the Dolphins could’ve beaten Dallas. Cleveland and KC’s close losses hurt too. Arizona’s win over St. Louis helps, though.

(Bold indicates that team may be in the market for a quarterback.)

(Ridiculous NFL Network screengrab via @fatpickled.)

9 thoughts on “Draft Standings: Skins Slide to 7”

  1. I don’t think Cardinals are in market for a QB. They gave Kolb that huge contract and I think are pretty much stuck. Chiefs same re: Cassel.

  2. Sure, the Cards and Chiefs could stick w/ Kolb and Cassel, though it seems pretty obvious that those guys are average at best. I also may start lumping the Jags in w/ teams in need of a QB as Blaine Gabbert is completing < 50%.

  3. Someone needs to say it:

    I mean we do have the Giants and Eagles once more a piece…

    The Jets and Vikings are not very good teams.

    Our playoff chances rest on the Pats game!

  4. The Jets and Vikings are not very good teams, which is why they will beat the Redskins. The Eagles will be a tossup. Giants and Pats are blowouts.

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