A Tick-Tock Blog Tribute To Ex-Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau

This site doesn’t cover the Caps nearly as much as it should. That’s probably because hockey has always run a distant fourth for me, behind baseball, football and basketball. Bruce Boudreau crossed that expanse though, as we made at least 13 posts about him over the years. Considering that’s 13 more than his predecessor, Glen Hanlon, Boudreau was a pretty blogable head coach bro.

So here, on the day of his firing, is the irreverent timeline of Boudreau’s tenure with the Caps, which should be remembered for more than the regular-season championships …

Nov. 2007: We realize Boudreau was in Slap Shot, fall in love accordingly.

Oct. 2010: He stars in Mercedes-Benz commercials with Ryan Zimmerman, wearing a track suit and doing bird calls. Love grows.

Dec. ’10: Boudreau is the breakout star of HBO’s Caps-Pens 24/7 series, thanks to a mystery condiment and F-bombs galore.

Apr. 2011: Bruce pops off about Madison Square Garden fans … with the Caps facing two playoff games at Madison Square Garden.

Oct. ’11: Bruce stars in more Hadeed carpet cleaning commercials.

Nov. ’11: Ovie calls Bruce “a fat f—“, which was not nice but was a hint at things to come.

Update: The Post has an actual timeline of Boudreau’s tenure in D.C.

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