Occupy Redskins: ‘I Thought That Was The Low Point’

We’re sharing tales of woe from Redskins fans in a series called “Occupy Redskins” (#OccupyRedskins on Twitter). Send us yours, and enjoy this one from Mr. Irrelevant reader Joe Mercer.

My brother and I have been Redskins fans for as long as I can remember.

Last season, for his 45th birthday, I flew my brother from Vancouver, British Columbia to Toronto, where we met at the airport and drove 12 hours to Landover for the Sunday night game again Indy.

The actual road trip was amazing … which is a good thing, because once we were in Maryland, we got to watch McNabb’s brand of “I could give a shit” football.

I thought that was the low point for me. Then this season came along. I live 45 minutes from Toronto, so of course I spent $500 on good tickets for the Buffalo game.

I have lived through 2-14 seasons, but I have never felt the absolute dark pit of despair as I did while I sat there with my uncle and listened to the Bills fans ridicule my Skins.

There was nothing I could say. No rebuttal.

I simply agreed: “we are the worst team in football”.

7 thoughts on “Occupy Redskins: ‘I Thought That Was The Low Point’”

  1. Things have been bad for a long time. However, there is no doubt in my mind the absolute low point so far was the culmination of the Snyder-atto Era. That would be the swinging gate plays vs NY, 2009 vs. the Giants.

    Some points from the Spurrier era were probably as bad, but I have successfully wiped those from my memory.

  2. When we got embarrassed at home by the patriots I felt pretty shitty. But that may have been because I was at school with loud mouthed beaners screaming at every point the pats put on the board. I was so elated when we scored I ran up and down my dorm hallway with a skins flag streaming behind me. That’s low.

    The swing gate play was also fucking horrific.

  3. When the Skins lost that game because their O-Line sucked and they didn’t have a franchise QB, and their coach was crazy and out of touch, and the owner had a Napolean complex, and their high priced free agent didn’t perform as well as expected, and then went on to start playing well again, once we got rid of him. Yeah, that one time!

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