DMV: The Caps’ New Rally Balloon

The Caps snapped a four-game skid by beating Phoenix 4-3. [Japers’ Rink]

A red balloon descended onto the ice with the Caps down 2-1 in the second period (video above). There is now a “Rally Balloon” t-shirt. [RMNB]

More on the Caps’ new red rally balloon of sorts. [Washington Times]

Update: The rally balloon has a Twitter account. Of course it does.

Alex Semin’s uninspired play led to a healthy scratch. [Caps Insider]

Photo: a pretty choice Ovechkin/Orlov jersey foul. [Puck Daddy]

Ovechkin on Sidney Crosby’s return: “Good for him.” [Puck Daddy]

The decision to start John Beck wasn’t that bad, actually. [Burgundy Blog]

Trent Williams didn’t tear any ligaments, which is great. [The Insider]

Jabar Gaffney addressed Twitter gaffe, lacks common sense. [The Insider]

Mayor Marion Barry, Twitter, the Redskins and Jesus. [Bog]

Sounds like Sam Huff was in rare form during Sunday’s game. [Bog]

Nats pick up the pace in pursuit of southpaw Mark Buerhle. [Nats Journal]

O’s signed 33-year-old Korean RP Chong Tae-Hyon. [Krem’s Sports]

Nick Young and JaVale McGee’s silliness made it to GMA. [Wiz Insider]

Georgetown lost a close one to No. 14 Kansas in Maui. [WaPo]

Maryland cuts eight teams, which may be saved. [Testudo Times]

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