Draft Standings: Skins Tied At 5

This is just a weekly thing we’ll keep updated for your convenience.

1. Colts (0-10)
2-4. Panthers (2-8), Rams (2-8), Vikings (2-8)
5-8. Cardinals, Dolphins, Jaguars, Redskins (3-7)
9-14. Browns, Chargers, Chiefs, Bucs, Eagles, Seahawks (4-6)

(Bold indicates that team may be in the market for a quarterback.)

3 thoughts on “Draft Standings: Skins Tied At 5”

  1. It infuriates me that so many of those franchises haven’t had a franchise QB…well…ever, and those fat bastards in Indy are going to go from Manning to Luck. ‘Tis all.

  2. Good news is Luck to Indy then Carolina, Minny and St Louis have drafted 1st round QBs recently. Same with the Jags. Cards dropped a ton on Kolb so if we lose out we get our choice of the 2nd best QB. I’m thinking it’s Barkley right now. Man, that loss to Miami was huge!

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