Skins-Cowboys Winners & Losers


London Fletcher — Forced a fumble, picked up a big sack and made like one million tackles.

Rex Grossman — Was pretty awesome (65.8% completion percentage, 7.6 yards/attempt, three total touchdowns), despite a very Rex Grossman fourth-quarter INT.

Jabar Gaffney — Seven catches for 115 yards. Averaging something like 70 yards and 0.5 TD/game started by Grossman.

Donte Stallworth — Came out of nowhere to catch four passes late, including the game-tying TD.

Brandon Banks — Posted 190 return yards, including 97 on three punts.

Roy Helu — Made good on limited time, gaining 35 yards on eight carries.

Chris Nield — Bull-rush sack! Chris Nield sighting!

Sav Rocca — Averaged 49 yards on five punts. I love Sav Rocca.

David Anderson — Made a diving 23-yard catch, capped it off with an odd celebration, which is something he’s known for.

Kyle Shanahan — Went from scoring one touchdown in 37 possessions to scoring three touchdowns in one game.

Miami — They beat Buffalo! Hooray, draft position!


Graham Gano — It’s hard to knock a guy for missing 49- and 52-yard field goals, especially on the same day his opposition elected to punt rather than attempt a 52-yarder, but here we are.

Fred Davis — Fumbled trying to get a first down in his own territory. Dallas scored a TD three plays later. Also, Thinks we’re idiots.

DeAngelo Hall — Burnt by Dez Bryant for that TD. Gave up a first down to Jesse Holley on a 3rd-and-12. Topped that by giving up a crucial first down to Bryant on 3rd-and-15 in OT. Jawed a lot.

Tashard Choice — His first carry went for nine yards. His next five went for minus-two.

Ryan Torain — Started the game. Got four yards on five carries.

Terrence Austin — Zero catches, one iffy block in the back call that cost the Redskins 30-plus yards.

Trent Williams — Got called for holding on a 15-yard pickup. Hurt his knee on Gano’s OT miss.

Mike Shanahan — Grossman isn’t Joe Montana or anything, but I think everyone is wondering how/why John Beck got to start three games, and why Torain continues to start. Oh, and the Redskins have lost six straight games for the first time since 1998.

Kenny, Moose and Goose — “Always a terrific atmosphere here at Redskins home games,” said Kenny, I think.


Kerrakpo— Ryan Kerrigan picked up a sack. Brian Orakpo was quiet.

Tyler Polumbus — Started at left guard. I’ve never heard of him. Called for a hold on what would’ve been a 19-yard catch for Davis.

Perry Riley — Seems to be doing well in place of Rocky McIntosh.

DeJon Gomes — Seemed to fill in nicely for LaRon Landry.

Anthony Armstrong — Seemed to be part of the gameplan today.

20 thoughts on “Skins-Cowboys Winners & Losers”

  1. This one hurt. I’m not sure exactly when today I stopped thinking we sucked, but I wish I hadn’t.

    It is going to get really ugly if Williams is out for a significant amount of time.

    And whatever Helu is doing to stay out of the lineup may be a blessing in disguise given how injury prone this team is. He’s clearly the best RB on the roster.

  2. and here i was thinking i was the only person celebrating a Miami win… yay draft position! come on down Matt Barkley/Landry Jones!

    quick thought though.. i knew the Redskins would not be in a position to draft Andrew Luck but I was hoping/rooting for the redskins to be in a position to take the #2, #3 quarterback, etc etc. but today with the way Rex played (mostly good Rex, and a small bad Rex sighting near the end).. would a 2012 draft-able quarterback NOT named Andrew Luck have won that game for the redskins? probably not. maybe so. maybe having moss, cooley, lichensteiger, and hightower out there gives that extra push to win the game, but then again, maybe not. its no question that the redskins need a franchise quarterback. however, is that their weakest area? if Andrew Luck is off the board and you have a chance to take a top corner (in my opinion, our weakest postion) and say.. maybe someone like Brandon Weeden in the second round… do you? id consider it.

  3. Is it sad that pushing the Cowgirls to OT make me feel OK? We scored, we’re going to have an even better shot at getting Barkley, and we’re one of the most injury ridden teams in the game. When a few more players are healthy next year and Shanny has another year to continue on the path of rebuilding or whatever he calls it we might even be a real team.

    Also, anyone who says John Beck should be the starter is mentally challenged.

  4. F@*K DHall… consistantly gets torched for big plays in critical situations!!! he got beat badly by a reality tv guy today for a 1st down on 3rd & 12!!! cut or trade his ass… also, helu had 8 carries for 35 yds and didn’t carry the ball in the 2nd half… 5 other guys carried the ball 26 times for 25 yds… wtf!!!

  5. DeJon Gomes was medium?! On the long td to Witten he was running alongside the play like a five year old on the soccer field. Maybe he should run fast and attempt a tackle next time.

  6. I’d move Perry Riley into the winners. More possibly because Rocky has been bad this year, but he was all over the field and looks to be more than just a fill-in.

    And @Alec, I agree there weren’t many rookie quarterbacks who would have been better than Rex today, but we have to remember that Rex seldom plays this well either.

  7. Dejon Gomes played well, brah.

    The myth of Fred Davis should be done by now. He is responsible for like a third of our turnovers this season. He has the brains of a carlos rogers or a devin thomas

  8. when dhall posed after romo missed on that bubble screen i really wanted to slap the shit out of him. ware got a WEAK holding call. the kind of call that orakpo never gets. infuriating.

  9. Loser: The closed captioner — since we were watching in a room with two 3 year olds, we decided not to even try having the sound on. The typist for CC was just awful, possibly drunk. Probably still an improvement over the audio though.

  10. I’ve come to realize Grossman is just like Campbell. His play will keep you close or put you in chance to win, but will always commit a costly turnover. With Campbell it was always a fumble late in the game to either seal the game or possible win, with Rex it’s a INT in the part of the game where the Redskins have momentum.

    With all that being said, I would like them to draft more oline or a big time playmaker (Blackmon) with the first pick and sign Brady Quinn(crazy, but he can be had for cheap) or trade a 3rd rounder for Ryan Mallett.

  11. I am shocked no one has mentioned the godforsaken time out Shanahan called right before the winning kick. You know, the one that saved the Cowboys from a penalty? An unsportsmanlike penalty that would have made the field goal attempt 15 yards longer (or forced them to run another play).

    What an insufferable clod, Shanahan.

  12. Winners-

    Matt Barkley- totally on board with this pick up after the win over Oregon yesterday- DIBS.

    London Fletcher- A million tackles? Really? Try like two million.

    Jabar Gafney- It hurts that I’m actually typing this.

    Brandon Banks- Welcome back!

    Sav Rocca- Reminds me I can still make hilarious Australian jokes while watching football that may or may not involve Russell Crowe.


    Gano- Jesus Christ, any sort of consistency would be nice.

    D-Hall- There really are no words…

    Myself and my two friends- had an empty chair next to us because we couldn’t find anyone to take the ticket. Tried to find people at the game even, but still, there was no one for a free ticket. Infinite sadness or ultimate coat rack?

  13. Also, Alec- Valid point. I still wouldn’t do it because I feel like the Redskins have to take the best bet at QB- 2nd round won’t do. I’d be pissed to see them pull a Detroit and get Drew Stanton only to destine him to the bench a little bit later (without a shot to start).

  14. I do wish to confess my previous FAIL in wanting to see John Beck start. They almost looked like a real team yesterday. Still want to draft Barkley, Landry or RGIII. But yesterday a big improvement.

  15. At the same time, special teams put offense in great position to score at least twice. So there’s that. But at least Rexy took advantage.

  16. no way am i defending Rex because all year ive watched games with my face in my hands because of the sex cannon. i would love to get Andrew Luck (the hype is true, im not a bandwagon jumper) but i am NOT on board with moving up to select him. i think if we are in position to draft Matt Barkley, you take him and thank your lucky stars hes there. but what happens if they skins hit a miami-esque hot streak and strings a few wins together? next thing you know maybe we finish with 5 or 6 wins and at or out of the top 10? by that time you can be sure both Luck and Barkley will be off the board, and more than likely so will Landry Jones/Robert Griffin. maybe one of those 2 guys is still there. do you draft one of those guys there? Brandon Weeden is playing like an early 1st rounder, but the truth is because hes 28 years old (spent 3 years playing minor league baseball) a team will not take him in the first round. hes looking like he will be a steal in the second or third. again, you take the risk of someone like him being there when you make your selection.. but do you reach for a player youre not sold on? I was relieved when the redskins didnt reach for a quarterback during the draft. i hated that we went into training camp with Rex and Beck, but i didnt want to reach for someone like gabbert either.

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