6 thoughts on “Bryce Harper Stars In Weird Baseball Bat Commercial”

  1. Yeah I’m not gonna lie…this has to be one of the creepiest marketing campaigns ever. If you go to mariuccisports.com/bat, there’s a whole bunch of videos (the woman in the video, btw, is mariucci’s official bat girl).

    Anywho, ignoring the whole “Beware Of the Black” campaign and its slightly racial connotations, there’s this video: http://maruccisports.com/videos/rookie-hazing/

    Where the Bat Girl asks Bryce if he can “bone a little quicker”….

  2. I figured Bryce would be the biggest d-bag in the commercial, since he usually is in whatever space he occupies, but thanks to Papi for bumping out Bryce on the list. Sweet shades and blazer in a baseball bat commercial. Pass the HGH.

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