New Orioles Hats Feature Old Bird

Hey now, the O’s debuted their new/old uniforms today:

The Orioles unveiled several uniform changes for 2012 on Tuesday morning, including the cartoon bird — a revamped combination of several older versions that will be on team hats for both home and road games — and a return of the orange jersey for the first time since 1992.

In all my days I’ve never heard anyone speak ill of the cartoon bird, so you’d expect this to be a well-received change. That’s certainly the case on Big League Stew and D.C. Sports Bog, which have more coverage for you.

13 thoughts on “New Orioles Hats Feature Old Bird”

  1. If they decided NOT to put on any uniform at all they would win more games. The other team would be swinging at the wrong balls and distract there attention.

  2. The Orioles have one of the classiest, traditional uniforms and caps in MLB. Why are they going back to this Bush-league cartoon bird? Very disappointing

  3. Grew up with the old colors and logo. Hope they can get back to old school playing with old school uniforms. Need to hustle like Palmer,and Ripken!!

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